Box for eggs

Every hostess wants the kitchen to be both comfortable and beautiful. Therefore, for this you should decorate the egg box with your own hands. For work, you will need materials that can be easily found in the offices of the office and construction stores. Prepare: -wooden or plywood box; -mortical water or alcohol basis; - three-layer napkins; -acrylic primer; -acrylic paints; -office file; -acrylic varnish; -economic sponge; -glue " PVA " -different brushes made of artificial bristles; -small sandpaper.
Prepare the box. It is necessary to remove all burrs and small flaws, for this use sandpaper. Inner walls of the box are primed with stain. Leave 15 minutes to dry.
 plastering the stain
Plastering the external sides of the box with acrylic primer for wood. Use a medium width brush. Wait 20 minutes and go over it with white acrylic paint.It is better to apply the paint with a piece of economic sponge, but do not smear it, but press the sponge as you move in one direction with small strybkami, as if to “touch” the paint. Let dry for 20 minutes.
 ground with acrylic primer
 wipe the entire external surface
Cut a small piece into small sandpaper and circular motions rub the entire external surface of the box. It is necessary to achieve smoothness to the touch. This is very important for further work with a napkin.
 wipe the entire outer surface
Take the napkin, separate the two white layers, we do not need them. A color attach to the side of the box and press lightly to the corners to get an imprint of the side borders.
Take napkin
 cut the right one
cut the necessary Take a regular office file.On it face down, put the cut out part and wet the napkin with a spray gun, it should float in water. Spread the napkin gently with your fingers, because it has taken folds from getting wet. Do not be afraid, if you do not make sudden movements, then the napkin in a pool of water easily slides over the file! Raise the file, excess water will drain, and the napkin will remain adhered to it.  Cut out the necessary Slowly place the napkin along with the file on the wall of the box - with a napkin to the box. Using a brush or a piece of cloth, iron the napkin through the file, expelling extra water and air. When you see that the napkin is flat on the wall of the box, pick up the file by the corner and remove it from the napkin. remove it from the napkin Brush the glue "PVA" on the brush, type without regret, and grease with a neat movements napkin. One side is glued.
glue all the others
Similarly glue all the other three sides.
pasteall other
 dries up pasted
for an hour, let dries the pasted box on all sides. With fine sandpaper, erase the protruding parts napkins.
protruding parts of the napkin
Getting to the outside of the bottom. While it’s white, you need to paint it to match the sides. Mix it e paint, until you get the shade you want, and paint the bottom with a dry brush. Let the paint dry.
 pasted and painted box
 pasted over and painted box
Molded, pasted and painted box must be varnished. Cover in several layers. Before you apply a new coat of lacquer, check that the previous one dries.
 pasted and painted box
Speakers of the box (corners, ends ) paint with brown paint.And once again go through the varnish. decoration The egg box is ready!
 Box for Eggs

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