Brain cyst: symptoms and treatment

Brain Cyst Symptoms

Clinical manifestations of small cysts of the brain may be absent. Only as a patient grows, can a patient experience recurrent or systematic headaches, general weakness, fatigue, visual disturbances, insomnia, and a feeling of pulsation in the parietal region or in the temples.
With a large brain cyst, symptomatic epilepsy, mental disorders, loss of consciousness, paresis, paralysis, an impaired sensitivity of the arms and legs, the whole body, and an imbalance occur.

Diagnosis of brain cyst

Magnetic resonance and computed tomography helps to determine the location of the cyst and its size. In order to distinguish a benign tumor from a malignant tumor, a contrast agent is injected into the patient during examination. The cyst remains indifferent.While the malignant tumor begins to immediately accumulate the injected substance and after 30 minutes it completely changes its color.
Doppler scan is performed to diagnose the narrowing of blood vessels that supply blood to the brain. If the blood supply is impaired, there are pockets of death of the substance of the brain, in their place hollow benign cysts are formed.
In addition, the patient is prescribed an ECG, biochemical blood test, blood pressure monitoring during the day, tests for autoimmune and infectious diseases.

Brain Cyst Treatment

Drug treatment of brain cyst is recommended for patients with autoimmune, infectious processes occurring in the body. And also to those who have arachnoid cyst. As a rule, prescribe drugs "Caripazim" or "Longidaza." In chronic foci of infection, anti-inflammatory, antiviral preparations, vitamins, nootropics, and consultation with an immunologist are recommended.
During the entire course of drug treatment and for two years after its completion, a monitoring survey is conducted,in order to timely detect the recurrence of a cyst and to follow the rate of resorption of the existing benign neoplasm.

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