Braised cabbage comes to the rescue

Braised cabbage can be called the lifesaver of any hostess. This dish itself is completely self-sufficient and can be served to the table without additional ingredients, and can act as a tasty side dish, emphasizing the taste of meat, mushrooms, beans, prunes, etc.

Cooking cabbage does not cause any difficulties even for beginning cooks: the small head is thoroughly washed, cleaned from the top leaves, finely shred, and then fried in a thick-walled frying pan in vegetable oil. When the cabbage becomes translucent, tomato paste is added to it, the usual spices to taste and a little water. If desired, you can cook cabbage with carrots and onions, adding them in the process of roasting vegetables.

You can stew cabbage in any condition. Excellent spicy dish is obtained after a similar treatment of sauerkraut. If desired, you can soften the bitter aftertaste by first washing the cabbage in water or adding a teaspoon of sugar in the cooking process.The second way to use is preferable, because when washing or soaking sauerkraut, a significant amount of vitamin C is removed from it.

Delicious stewed cabbage lunch - the most popular recipes

Stewed cabbage is an excellent lean food, but it also goes well with many kinds of meat, including poultry, turning from a dietary dish to a full hearty meal.

Chicken Braised

For the preparation of this simple dish, any part of the chicken is used. You can even specifically buy the fillet or peel the meat yourself. The prepared meat is cut into small pieces, the cabbage is shredded with fine straws. Tomato paste, salt and pepper are added 20 minutes before readiness.

For work, it is better to use a cauldron, utyatnitsa or any other thick-walled dishes. The container warms up, some vegetable oil is poured there and chicken is laid out. Pieces should be fried until the meat is white on all sides (minutes 4 stirring occasionally). Now add to the meat cabbage and cover with a lid. Food should be stewed over low heat for about 20 minutes.So that the cabbage does not burn, you can add some water.

After a quarter of an hour, tomato paste, salt and pepper are added to a container of cabbage and chicken meat. All thoroughly mixed and stewed for another 20 minutes. The readyness of the dish is determined by the condition of the cabbage. It should be very soft and pleasant to the taste.

The preparation of this simple dish can be trusted with modern household appliances. It is excellent to cope with this task of the multicooker, all the more so thanks to it you can forget about the need to constantly run up and check the readiness of products. A detailed recipe can be found here: braised cabbage with chicken in a slow cooker.

Braised Cabbage with Sausages

This recipe can be used in cases when “something” is lying around in the refrigerator, and waiting for the final expiration date to be discarded. Saving food and money:

Here we add grated carrots, with which the process begins. Carrots are fried in a frying pan with thick walls, shredded cabbage is added to it. Vegetables are brought almost to readiness, and sliced ​​sausages, tomato paste, salt and pepper are added 10 minutes before the end of the pan. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed, and stew for 10 minutes under the lid.

Thus, you can always tasty and satisfying feed all your loved ones, even without being able to cook.

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