The history of the buffet table

It is interesting that the history of the feast a la buffets originates in Europe, and more precisely in France. It was here that they loved to have a quick and beautiful snack, and what could be better than a beautiful buffet table? After all, the main purpose of such a reception is communication, and the main advantage is the absence of additional furniture! For a short period of time you can organize an excellent table and create wonderfuldishes for a buffet table, which every guest will like. The very word fourchette translated from French means "fork", which implies a small, but very tasty and original snacks.

And once again summarize the benefits of such a feast. Firstly, the number of guests can be almost unlimited, despite the area, because the furniture for such a table is not needed. For the mistress of the house, such a table is just a pleasure - you do not have to worry and get nervous because of the food, how hot they are, and so on ... Your guests can easily communicate, have fun, dance, and sing in karaoke.Moving from fornication to the dish and enjoy each of them. Such a themed feast is perfect for a wedding (a quick snack of relatives), a birthday party, a business dinner, a coffee break, and so on. The most important thing is a huge variety of dishes and snacks - this is the secret of a good buffet table!Restaurants of the city of Donetskare famous for their buffet feasts and delicious snacks, so you will not have problems with where to celebrate an event. At work it is also very convenient to arrange a buffet table. It is better to put the table in the center of the room, it should be large enough to accommodate a large variety of snacks. Sometimes they move together several tables, for convenience they can be covered with one tablecloth. By the way, when serving it is better if the legs of the table are covered with a long tablecloth or a special standing skirt. From each edge of the table are placed clean plates and cutlery, which are necessary for guests to lay out each snack they like. Decorate the table with original festive glasses or multi-colored glasses. Serving dishes is always not easy.It is very important that everything looks beautiful and flawless, and also it is convenient for every guest. It is very convenient to set the table for the buffet by sectors (the so-called tiers), this is done using special racks. Snacks, salads and necessarily various types of sliced ​​bread are put at the edge of the table. Do not forget that on each plate with dishes there should be a special device with which you could put food on your plate. Be sure to put spices on the table - better than traditional ones - salt and black pepper. Sauces are placed next to certain dishes. On the table there can be both cold snacks, and sweets and, of course, fruits.

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