Buffet menu: selection of dishes and table decoration

What to file

Buffet format implies such dishes that can be eaten standing near the table, without the use of any devices or with a minimum number of them. The most popular options for dishes served on the buffet table are all kinds of canapes, tartlets, stuffed eggs, just sandwiches. In fact, here you can put your imagination in an endless flight and enjoy it. Let us dwell on the canapés, since these mini-sandwiches are probably in the first place in popularity among buffet dishes. The basis for canape can be very different: not toasted white or black bread, puff pastries, cookies, cheese and even chips.
The main advantage of canapés is that you can use any food that you found in your fridge: eggs, cheese, sausage, salted fish, olives, pate, vegetables, fruits and more.The shape of the canape is mostly square, rectangular or diamond-shaped, in order to use, if possible, all the bread and avoid waste. In addition to canapés, a very winning option is to serve stuffed eggs to the table, the filling of which can also be very diverse. For example, you can stuff eggs with mashed canned fish in combination with finely chopped onions. Or you can fill boiled eggs with a mixture of grated melted cheese, garlic and mayonnaise - you get a very elegant and delicate combination.
You will surprise your guests if you serve mini-kebabs to the buffet table, they can be built, for example, from pieces of chicken fillet and sweet red pepper.

How to make

Making the buffet table is no less a responsible event than thinking through the menu to it. Firstly, it includes the design and interesting presentation of the dishes themselves. Canapes, for example, can be made in the shape of a ship with a flying sail, or decorated with a bright skewer. Also in the decoration of dishes very useful greens and lettuce. There are countless options for decorating dishes, you yourself can come up with something original.In addition, an interestingly decorated dish will undoubtedly provoke an appetite for all those present. Secondly, the design of the buffet includes the decoration of the festive table itself.
Flowers will be a wonderful decoration of any table, not only a festive one. Of course, they should not be too fanciful and have a pungent smell or crumble.

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