Cap with braids and pompon

We knit a hat, decorated with a beautiful pattern with braids.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn;
  2. straight needles No. 5.5 and No. 6.5.

Pattern Description

Eraser 2x2:alternately 2 persons. n., 2 out. p.

Size:head circumference 54 cm.

Knitting description

We collect on the spokes number 5.5 70 loops 2 edge. etc., knit with an elastic band 2x2 4 cm. At the same time, in the last row, we add 6 loops uniformly (total 78 loops). We turn to the needles No. 6.5 and knit a pattern according to the loop 76 pattern (rapport 19 loops, i.e. the pattern is repeated 4 times) with 2 edges. p.

The chart lists individuals. ranks in izn we knit rows according to the pattern.

After 13 cm proceed to the reduction of the loops in each person. row (in the old row we knit all the loops):

1 row: every 6 loops we knit 2 loops of persons together.

2 row: every 5 loops knit 2 loops together faces.;

3 row: every 4 loops knit 2 loops together faces;

4 row: every 3 loops knit 2 loops together persons;

5th row: every 2 loops we knit 2 loops together with faces.;

6 row: through each 1 loop we knit 2 loops together with faces.;

7 row: knit 2 loops together on faces.

The remaining 12 loops are tightened with a working thread, we perform the back seam. Make a pompom and attach it to the top of the cap.

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