Care and sharpening of the clippers

Despite the large and varied number of names and models, hair clippers, for the most part, have the same basic parts and parts. They (cars) may differ in shape, color, weight, but the working part of all is assembled and functions according to the same principle. And that means they understand the same. Well, or almost the same - the only thing is that in more modern models the disassembly of the working part does not require any tool, while in older models the outer knife is removed using a special key. Professional cars are another thing; they, most often, have self-sharpening knives made of more expensive and high-quality steel and the assembly of their working part may differ slightly from the usual one. It costs several times more expensive than a regular typewriter. In addition, it can not be bought in any simple store where they sell the relevant goods ... But today we will talk about a conventional, amateur (if you can put it that way) hair clipper. After some time of use, it happens that the machine begins to tear and pull out the hair when cutting. The feeling is not the most pleasant. Some owners and users of this device mistakenly believe that it is blunted knives machine. In most cases this is not the case! First you need to disassemble and thoroughly clean the working part of the device.
  • Water.
  • Detergent for dishes.
  • Vinegar 9%.
  • Cotton cloth.
  • Oil.
  • Tooth
  • The key for disassembly (depending on the model).
  • Alcohol (can be vodka).
Care and sharpening knives for clippers

Cleaning the machine

We disassemble the working surface.
Care and sharpening of knives for clippers
Despite the fine work and purpose of the device, its details are simple and not numerous, so that even a person who is very far from everyone is confused in disassembly and assembly. kind of mechanisms.
Care and sharpening knives for clippers
Care and sharpening knives clippers
And so, disassembled.Now, every detail is thoroughly cleaned of hairs and dust with a toothbrush.
Care and sharpening knives for a clipper
Complete with a typewriter, most often, there is a small brush and a small tuba with oil, but you can’t clean a lot with permission to say with a brush! Further, if there is rust on metal parts (this happens after cutting wet hair, as well as thanks to the manufacturer who used poor quality steel!) We lower these parts into a container with 9% vinegar for five to eight minutes, after which we remove rust with a brush. We thoroughly wash all parts in a container with water and detergent, rinse them with clean water, and leave to dry on a clean cloth.
Care and sharpening knives for clippers
Care and sharpening knives for clippers
After all the parts are dry from moisture, just wipe them with a clean, dry cotton cloth. Putting the machine back. When assembling, we drip onto the springs and all the moving parts of the oil.
Care and sharpening knives forhaircuts
 Care and sharpening knives for clippers After final assembly, drip a drop of oil directly on the cutting teeth of the machine's knives, turn it on, and let's work minute and a half.For this time, excess oil will come out of the joints and holes of the mechanism.We turn off the machine, wipe the excess oil out and rub the outer blade (which contacts the skin) with alcohol .In most cases, this is enough to make the machine work as before, when You used it for the first time, but if the problem persists, then it really is in the knives of the machine. You have to sharpen it.

You will need

  • Sandpaper (null)
  • A skin or coarse cloth of cotton.
  • A paste of goya or chalk .
  • Clean water.
  • Oil.
  • Water spray.
  • Alcohol.
 Care and sharpening knives of a clipper

Sharpening zhe typewriter

I will not sharpen the blades of my typewriter, as I did it recently, but in order to show it clearly, I will demonstrate on them. So; repeat the procedure with disassembly.We lay sandpaper on a flat surface (you can use a wide grinding block or an abrasive disc of appropriate grit, the main thing is to make them even!), Spray the abrasive with water from the sprayer and proceed to sharpening.

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