Catherine Andreeva showed gorgeous legs in mini shorts

Over the 56-year-old leading time has no power.

TV presenter does not get tired to amaze her fans with her appearance. She can easily share a photo without makeup with her followers or surprise in a youth way and receive a sea of compliments in return. So her selfie in denim microsports has caused a stormy enthusiastic reaction in social networks.

Ekaterina Andreeva
Photo: @ekaterinaandreeva_official

�The legs are fire�, �How do you manage to look so beautiful,� the Internet users showered Ekaterina with comments.

And in fact, the secrets of slimness and excellent appearance Andreeva simple.

To get rid of stress, and he, as you know, beats all over our body, the leader attends a class in Chinese wellness practices qigong and taiji.

For the figure, Catherine practices yoga, both usual at home and in the hall on canvases. A star of the day considers swimming to be the best start of the day. By the way, water also relieves stress.

�Laziness is the engine of regression. I, too, sometimes lazy, but I will introduce the fat on the barrels - and the legs themselves will carry them to where they will not regret, force you, help you to be in shape. And do not whine: I can not, I do not want, "- said Catherine

The leader keeps a close eye on her food and does not consume any harmful products.

�On overdone sausages, mayonnaise, ketchup, canned food, cakes, sugar, poisonous cola, you don�t drive into youth, energy, or beauty. But in the club of early aged - easy, like clockwork, "- says Catherine.

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