Causes of laziness and ways to deal with it

The most common cause of laziness isinconsistency between goals and actionsorlack of goalsas such. If you dream of not working in a profession after university, then, of course, you will be completely lazy to study, because you do not have a clear goal to get an education in this institution. To motivate yourself, you need to find these goals, make a list and re-read it every time you are too lazy to learn. These may be goals that do not cover the whole study, but, for example, for individual disciplines or exams.

The opposite reason - a person sets himselftoo large and too heavy targets. The task seems so huge and impracticable that the beginning of its implementation I want to postpone as far as possible. The solution is very simple - break your big goal into many small and quite doable points. If you continue the topic of exams, you can take for a purpose certain topics or even questions, deleting them from your plan gradually.And so it is easier to move towards the target, and progress is clearly visible.

Reason number three -perfectionism. Perfectionists need everything to be perfect, including the conditions in which they will start a business. But, as a rule, ideal conditions occur quite rarely. The way to combat perfectionism is to determine which conditions you consider ideal, to think which of them are really real, necessary, and whether you can influence them. If you can, make a plan for moving towards your intended goal, including creating the necessary conditions. If you cannot influence the conditions, the only way out is to recognize that there is no perfect moment and you need to act here and now.

Another reason -fatigue. Some people are really lazy because of fatigue, although almost everyone talks about this reason. Because of true fatigue, laziness to those people who work day and night and do not give themselves time to rest - they take overtime, work on weekends and holidays. In such a situation and during working hours, everything begins to fall out of our hands and it becomes difficult to start a new task. The only way out is to learn how to relax! Rest is not extra time for work, it is time for recovery for our psyche and organism.Learn to spend time relaxing for the benefit of yourself and your body.

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