CD Rack from Old CD DVD

Many have collections of CDs with their favorite movies, games, music, as well as old and unnecessary CDs / DVDs (blanks) that have outlived their lifespan and are in a drawer, etc. In this project we offer make a stand to store your favorite CDs from old CD / DVD drives - "kill two birds with one stone at a time." The project is quite simple and ideal for beginners.

Materials and tools:

  1. Drill and drill
  2. scissors, knife, hacksaw, wrench;
  3. glue, masking tape;
  4. safety glasses;
  5. spray paint;
  6. sandpaper;
  7. threaded rod (sold in stores), 2 screws, 6 washers, 6 closed nuts
  8. 1 meter of hose;
  9. 22 drives.

The amount of material required depends on the length of your CD-ROM stand. Depending on the diameter of the threaded rod (it is better to buy the smallest one), we select the diameter of the drill, and also buy washers, hose and nuts using the threaded rod.

Step 1

Let's start with the templates that we print on the printer. The first template will use for drilling 21 discs, which form the "body" of the stand for CDs, divides the disc into 4 equal parts and shows where to drill 3 holes. The second template is used to create the legs of the stand, to divide the disk in half, align it according to the template and mark the holes.

Step 2

We print templates, cut them out and paste them onto discs.

Step 3

Let's start drilling holes in the disks. For convenience, insert the disc in the package for the disc and begin to drill holes in the marked places. You can also fix the disc with tape.

Step 4

Let's make the legs for our stand. Take a disk, draw a straight line with a marker, dividing it in half. We fix the disk and use a hacksaw to cut it along the line. Using fine sandpaper, we will process the edges.

Step 5

When all the discs are drilled and the legs are ready, let's start preparing for painting. With fine sandpaper we sand both sides of the disc, making them rough, then wipe the discs with a cloth dipped in alcohol.

Step 6

Painting. In a well-ventilated room, close the place of painting, for example, with a newspaper or film and put the disks on top next to each other, it was more convenient to paint. Choose the color of coca you like best.

Warning:while painting, paint spray can be kept at a distance of 40-45 cm and paint should be applied in thin layers; After each layer, wait for about a couple of hours and apply the next layer of paint (5 layers on average).

Step 7

Take a threaded rod. We measure and cut with a hacksaw two rods 25 cm long.

Step 8

Take a transparent hose and mark segments of length 1 cm, cut them into pieces with scissors - 40 pieces are required.

Step 9

Take a disk and a leg for delivery and fasten them with a rod, screw, washer and closed washer. Then put a piece of hose on each of the rods and put another disk on the rod. Repeat this step until we put on the last disk and install the delivery leg.

CD Rack from old CD DVDs- ready. Favorite CDs are neatly stored and disposed of old and unnecessary CDs / DVDs. It is worth noting that the size of the stand for CDs, its color, etc. You can choose yourself depends on the fantasy.

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