Chania: a blessed corner of Greece

Greece - a country very suitable for families with children. In some of its regions in the heat of the summer it is quite hot, but even for those who go on vacation with very small travelers, it will be easy to choose a resort with a comfortable temperate climate. One of these places is Chania - an area located in the western part of Crete. A mild Mediterranean climate with not too high summer and not too low winter temperatures, as well as a series of excellent beaches - that's what Chania is appreciated by those who are planning a holiday in Crete with a child.

The picturesque landscapes and the special comfort of the small resort villages of Chania complete the picture of a perfect holiday. There are many accommodation options here - from comfortable hotels to modest houses. The choice of beaches is even more impressive: sandy and pebbled, equipped with all the benefits of civilization and “wild”, secluded and full of people and entertainment - all of them are suitable for bathing children.The shores that surround Chania descend into the water, and for the smallest, children’s playgrounds are scattered here and there.

Older travelers will enjoy not only the beach, but also the excursion component of recreation in this region. Natural attractions here are side by side with those created by human hands. The first of these includes the large and picturesque Samaria Gorge, and the second includes the ancient city of Aptera with partially preserved buildings, the ruins of a medieval fortress on the island of Gramvousa, an ancient nunnery, the Venetian fortress of Frangokastello, as well as the Turkish fortress. A trip through the villages of Chania in a rented car can be very interesting: this way you will be able to feel the uniqueness of each town - both in appearance and in the atmosphere and even in the features of its kitchen.

Very interesting and the city of Chania, which is the center of the region. There are remains of defensive fortifications, a lighthouse in the old port, the cathedral and many buildings of the picturesque Old Town. A lot of interesting archaeological finds were made on the territory of Chania, indicating that people settled here a long time ago. Many of the exhibits found were included in the collections housed in the museums of Chania.

Going on holiday to Chania is possible not only in summer, but at any other time of the year. And if the rains and temperatures not exceeding + 18 ° C interfere with bathing and beach leisure, the excursion program offered by the resort will not suffer from weather factors.

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