Stand for Easter eggs "Hen"

To beautifully present colored eggs on the festive Easter table, you need an original stand. Many housewives buy special plastic dishes with cavities for eggs, but these products do not look very presentable. If children are at your holiday table, then you can arrange Easter eggs and Easter eggs in special paper stands with animals. Today you will learn how to make a paper Easter egg holder. The following components are required for work: - thin wrapping paper; - two sheets of cardboard; - high-quality glue stick; - chicken drawing; - marker; - simple pencil; - scissors; - openwork ribbons of different shades; - tube with PVA glue. How to create a beautiful stand? First of all, wrap over one of the sheets of cardboard with thin wrapping paper. To do this, you need to use high-quality glue-pencil. Glue the surface of the cardboard and glue the paper,carefully pressing your hands.
 Chicken Easter Eggs Stand
You need to paste the cardboard on both sides. Then apply the chicken pattern to the second sheet of cardboard and cut out the stencil .
Stand for Easter Eggs Kurochka
Stencils make 2 pieces of double-sided cardboard . You also need to prepare a strip of 6 cm by 14 cm.
 Chicken Egg Support for Easter Eggs
The strip should be twisted into a ring. To make everything work well and quickly, it is advisable to make two notches of 3 cm: from the upper right side and the lower left side. Connect the resulting cuts into the lock, and the ring will come out.
 Easter Egg Support for the Chicken
Use a heat gun to glue this blank to the details of the chicken. First, on one side.
 Easter Egg Stand for Chicken
Then attach the second part,symmetrically first and fix with glue from a thermogun.
 Stand for Easter eggs of the Chicken
It only remains to decorate the chickens. Cut out the appropriate elements from the white lace ribbon, these will be wings and tail. Two red flowers will become a comb, and a black circle will be the eye.
 Chicken Egg Support for Easter Eggs
Fix all parts on a cardboard base with PVA glue. And draw a beak with a black marker.
 Chicken Easter Eggs Stand
It turns out to be a funny chicken shape stand.
 Stand for Easter Eggs Hen
On a holiday, place a painted egg on a stand.
 Chicken Easter Eggs Stand
 Stand for Easter Eggs Hen
Such a thing will be a great decoration for the Easter table. Stand for Easter eggs Cuckoo

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