Choose a jigsaw: recommendations

The electric jigsaw is an easy to use, versatile tool that both professionals and home masters enjoy with pleasure. This is a light tool of a small size, with which you can cut a variety of sheet material (wood, plastic, metal, etc.). The cutting line can be straight and curly. Specialty stores offer many models from different manufacturers. How to choose a jigsaw? What characteristics should I look for? These questions concern most potential buyers.

Useful Tool Functions

How to choose an electric jigsaw, because in appearance all models are the same? To find the answer to this question, you should examine the functions of the tool. The electric jigsaw is designed for sawing different materials: a special tool mechanism gives the file a progressive up-and-down motion. The cutting tool gradually wears out.But in some models there is a function that prolongs the lifetime of the saw blade by transferring the forces from the drive only when moving from bottom to top. But this degrades the quality of the cut, so when it's important, the function should be turned off.

Another function is a laser tracer: with its help it's easier to cut sheet material in a straight line. Sawdust and smoke make it difficult to observe the direction of movement of the tool, and the laser light helps to accurately cut.

In order to make it more convenient to work with different materials, some models are equipped with a function for adjusting the stroke frequency. The adjustment can be set before switching on and during the work - by changing the force pressing the start button.

Sawdust can be blown off by the air stream coming out of the engine cooling fan: this helps clear the cutting line. But if you have a special pipe, you can connect a bag for collecting sawdust: in this case, the working room will remain clean.

For a quick change of files, jigsaws are equipped with special levers: one press helps to remove worn cloth.To cut curvilinear figures, the function of turning the saw will be useful: with its help, the cutting part can be rotated about its axis. Angle retainer: This device allows you to work at 15.30, 45 and 0 degrees.

A special plastic case will be useful for storing the instrument: it contains not only a jig saw, but also a set of saws.


This parameter is one of the most important. It depends not only on the depth of cutting of various materials, but also on the duration with which it is possible to carry out this work without stopping. Household tools have a power of 350 watts, professional jigsaws are twice as powerful. It is worth paying attention to such an indicator as the number of strokes per minute. Usually it is about 2700-3100, but there are models with an indicator of 3500.

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