Choosing fashionable dresses autumn-winter 2014–2015

Choosing fashionable dresses autumn-winter 2014–2015Undoubtedly, the dress is the main element of women's wardrobe. The modern woman simply cannot imagine her daily life without the elegantly repeating curves of the female body of the dress. But in order to look more impressive, you need to choose it correctly, to determine the color gamut and its shape. Leading experts will tell you what dresses are fashionable in 2015 and what color is more suitable in the cold season.

Fashionable styles fall winter 2014-2015

Autumn time will be very rich and diverse. We will see radically different styles - then open candid options, then deaf closed models. What are the dresses in fashion 2015?

  1. Dress shirts They held leading positions in the spring and summer season and gradually shifted into the autumn-winter period. Such an outfit will suit powerful and independent women who can so bravely declare themselves.
  2. Case style. They are suitable for everyday work everyday. A woman will be able to extravagantly distinguish herself in the gray weekday week.In order that the dress would decorate your life and not look boring, the designers added flashy elements of decor to it.
  3. Retro. Fashion designers again turn their attention to the fifties. The classics are decorated with modern elements and, thus, wonderfully adapted in the new season.
  4. Empire style and bustier - these styles will harmoniously look at the evening exits, emphasizing the figure of a woman. Such options will suit everyone without exception and will be able to hide some small flaws.
  5. Asymmetric dresses. In the new season a wide range of similar models with asymmetrical cuts, hem, special zippers and even models with one shoulder is presented. In general, this option will be able to accurately highlight and make you original.

Choosing fashionable dresses autumn-winter 2014–2015

The length of the fashion dress autumn winter 2014-2015 with photos

It is an important issue when choosing the right model. It is necessary to decide whether the length will be combined with the shoes that you are going to wear under the dress, whether it will be appropriate in the place where you go and, finally, the most important thing is whether the chosen length is right for you.

  1. Ultrashort model. Despite the cold season, this option will be in demand.But it is worth refraining if you have a business meeting ahead or you are over 25 years old. In such cases, the following options are more suitable for you.
  2. Midi dress (medium length). This option is more practical in the autumn-winter period. It will look harmonious both at a business meeting and at a party with friends. You can pick up any shoes without special restrictions and feel quite comfortable in them.
  3. Maxi. This option is suitable only for an evening look. The main rule is that the later the event begins, the longer the hem should be. The new season excludes rhinestones or a few cleavage on the chest and back on the evening options. Also the color scheme is monotonous.

Choosing fashionable dresses autumn-winter 2014–2015

Fashionable colors dresses 2015

If you have decided on a fashionable style, then choosing a harmonious color is a 100% hit!

  1. Pastel colors as always on top. Shades of vanilla and lilac will create a magnificent image.
  2. Of course, the autumn season brings us gold and silver colors. Do not limit yourself to such warm colors as green, orange and crimson.
  3. In order to draw attention to yourself, bright red colors are perfect for this.

Choosing fashionable dresses autumn-winter 2014–2015
Make your own choice on the most fashionable dresses 2014–2015, so that you feel confident and stylish in it.

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