Christmas snowy Christmas tree

For this crafts we need a few sheets of plain white paper, you can optionally use color. White paper is used for the snow-covered tree. Scissors, glue-pencil, a simple pencil, an empty rod or thick wire, a piece of plasticine.
Christmas tree covered with snow
Circles are drawn on sheets of paper, these will be the tiers for the Christmas tree. In the example, 11 tiers. Therefore, it is necessary to draw 11 circles so that each one is slightly smaller than the previous one.
 Christmas tree covered with snow
Divide each circle into eight equal parts. Inside the circle, exactly in the middle from the center to the circle, draw a line, as shown in the figure.
Christmas tree covered with snow
Next, a circle is cut along the main line.The cuts are made to the middle line, which we drew in the previous stage.
 Christmas snow-covered Christmas tree
Then gently turn each piece into a roll. At the same time with the help of glue pencil fasten it. So do with every lap. There will be peculiar small cones.
New Year snow-covered Christmas tree
One storey for the Christmas tree is ready. You should do the same operation with the remaining circles.
 Christmas snow-covered Christmas tree
Next, the basis for the Christmas tree is cut out. This can be cardboard or plain paper. It is best to take something solid, so that the tree does not falter and fall. You will need a piece of plasticine into which either a rod or a thick wire is inserted.
 Christmas snow-covered Christmas tree
We put each tier on the prepared rod, as shown in the figure.
Christmas tree covered with snow
So beautiful and original congratulatory gift turns outon the New Year. Top can be sprinkled with dry glitter for the eyes, or use hairspray with glitter, as shown in the example. In addition, below the tree, you can install mini gifts or small toys. In the light of the tree will shimmer in different shades due to a large layer of sparkles. It will seem like a real snow-covered Christmas tree in front of you.
 Christmas tree covered with snow

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