Classic back massage: benefit and harm

The most common type of massage is the classic back massage. It can both tone up the muscles of the patient's body, raise the mood, and relieve tension and calm. Massage will also help relieve pain, adjust the work of the nerve center and, along with the main therapy, assist in the treatment of internal organs.

What you need to know about massage?

First of all, in order for massage to be beneficial, it is necessary to find a competent specialist who will not only take into account all the features of the body constitution and the presence of diseases, but also be able to win over and prevent the massage from causing irreparable harm to the body.
During the session, all the muscles of the body should be relaxed. The position lying on the stomach is best suited for this. The direction of rotation of the head during a massage does not matter.
Classic back massage is built on step-by-step techniques that are performed in strict sequence. Chaotic movements can lead to microtraumas of the muscles or the general nervousness of the patient. All movements must be directed upwards.The spine, lymph nodes, and organs close to the skin to massage (especially actively vibrating) are simply forbidden.

The benefits of a classic back massage

With a proper massage, the body undergoes a general cleansing, increases metabolism, promotes fat burning and weight loss, improves the function of the sebaceous and sweat glands, activates blood circulation, increases muscle tone, clears skin from horny particles and is saturated with oxygen.
In addition, increased blood flow to the muscles, which become more elastic, while not suffering from excess lactic acid (as occurs during exercise).
Massage improves blood circulation, while not only the area being massaged, but also the internal organs; increases or, on the contrary, reduces the required indicators of the blood formula, thereby helping patients with a number of chronic diseases, such as iron deficiency anemia.
A classic back massage improves the nervous system, restores the connections of the nerve endings with the cerebral cortex, the entire circulatory system and internal organs, helping to relieve pain and control mood.

Contraindications for massage

However, classical massage can not only benefit the body, but also significantly harm a person, so there are a number of contraindications for it.
If you have chronic diseases, body temperature is elevated, there are acute inflammatory processes in the body or you just feel a general malaise, then it is better to abstain from holding a massage and consult with your doctor.
If you feel pain or discomfort during the massage, you should immediately end the session. It may not only not help to cope with the task, but also lead to serious consequences - damage to muscle tissue and even the nervous system.

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