A handy and practical thing from old jeans without a single seam!

Old jeans that are a pity to be thrown away, and it is impossible to wear, are in almost every closet. If you have a pair that fits in size, but not in other parameters (there are scuffs, holes or other imperfections), make a comfortable apron for working at home or in the garden.

You do not need to make any measurements or even sewing. All that is needed is sharp scissors and jeans. First, spread the pants on a horizontal surface, and cut the trousers. The apron will be only the upper part.

Now we cut off everything below the belt, starting from the zipper and to the side seam. In fact, only the belt of jeans and the button remain from the front. On this apron is ready. It will be buttoned around the waist with a button.

As you can see, a couple that is somewhat large can come up to you - then the apron will be on the hips. For the kitchen, you can turn it backwards.And if the main thing you need is pockets, then wear an apron on its side. It is very convenient to carry tools with you, or a mobile phone (maybe you like listening to music while cleaning), and your hands will be free.

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