Complicated two-story flower

Kanzashi provides a tremendous opportunity in creating different colors. There are no two identical colors, because they are created manually, and any manual work is unique in its essence. It is easy to make a simple flower, but it is not difficult to create a complex two-story flower if you have the desire and patience. This is how a flower can turn out for you, if you really want it.
 Complicated two-story flower
Like? Then prepare everything you need:
 prepare everything you need
- satin ribbon of dark tones 5 x 5 cm. - 9 pieces. - satin ribbon of light tones 5 x 5 cm. - 9 pieces. - glue, - lighter, - cardboard in the form of a circle. A decorative bead is also needed. The first step is to prepare the petals for the flower. To do this, fold in half the square of each color, and you will get these double triangles here.
 double triangles
Put onetriangle on the other. If you want a dark flower, then put a light one on a dark one, and if the flower is meant light, then vice versa. Between them, leave a little space so that they are on different levels.
 one triangle for another
Then fold in half to make a smaller triangle. Fold it like that, if you want it dark, then the light should be on top, if it's light, then the dark one should be on top.  fold in half
Next, you need two sides of different colors to reduce down, holding everything with your finger.
 holding everything with your finger
Exactly the same with the second side.
 Cut the end
Cut the end and fire all the layers together. Do it very carefully so that everything is well kept and the layers do not disperse.  with the second side The rear part slightly level and also fall on the fire.This method makes the petal very high, and due to this the flower turns out to be high and voluminous.
 connect all the layers
The first petal is ready. follow all 9 petals. Here they are.
petal is ready
A flower is necessary for a base. Take a circle of cardboard and glue it on both sides with a ribbon.
 flower base
 flower base
Glue together 6 petals to create the bottom flower floor .
 Glue 6 petals among themselves
Three petals glue amongst the lower corners .
 Three petals
Both floors are ready.  Both floors are ready Glue the ground floor on cardboard covered with ribbon. And on it, paste the three finished petals so that each petal is between the two lower ones.
 Glue the first floor onto a cardboard
Middle place any matching beadand the flower is ready.
 by color bead
That's all, as you can see, everything is done quickly. Practice on an unnecessary cloth to fill your hand, and can safely get down to work. You have a little patience and you will get everything.
 everything is done quickly
 rims for the girl
This flower can dress up rims for the girl, or make a finished picture of several colors. It all depends on your imagination. Thank you all for your attention.
 Complicated two-story flower

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