Concrete flower pots and vases

Concrete flower pots and vasesSmall architectural forms, which are concrete florists and vases, can now be found everywhere. With their help, decorate the streets, squares, parks, courtyards of private houses, villas, etc. These compact flower beds-vases look just great, but the main thing is very practical and convenient for growing ornamental plants. With all the diversity of the range of these products can be found on the company's website

The advantages of using concrete structures

  • Using concrete flowerpots and vases to decorate the landscape, it is easy to emphasize all the advantages of the designer's idea and fully convey the atmosphere of the architectural style.
  • Flowers in these kind of massive vases look just gorgeous in the courtyards of houses or in the suburban areas, give them a special comfort.
  • With proper and creative approach with their help, you can create incredible beauty of floral arrangements.
  • Caring for plants in the flower girls is more convenient and simple in comparison with flowerbeds. Such material as concrete reliably holds soil, is eco-friendly and steady against attrition.

These structures have become so firmly established that people, for the most part, have ceased to notice them (focus on forms, forms, materials, etc.), and yet there are a considerable number of them. As the main models for the types of materials used, the following can be identified:

Stone chips and concrete

A distinctive feature of such flower is stability, strength and durability. They do not require special care, they are rather easily painted.

Of reinforced concrete

This is one of the most advanced products, they are reinforced with metal mesh. Such "vases" can be safely used to create large structures, being confident in the reliability of the design.

From clay and ceramics

The use of these types of materials is mostly accepted for the improvement of the territories of restaurants, cafes and other public places. The material (clay, ceramics) is relatively fragile and requires careful handling.

Regardless of the shape and material, this design can be moved, which will allow to make corrections in the image of the home landscape from time to time. Plus, the plants, while in the flower, are always reliably protected from pests, which is also important.

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