Congratulations on the Baptism of the Lord 2017 - short sms, beautiful and funny in verse and prose. Beautiful postcards on the Baptism of the Lord

KGP-001Baptism is one of the most significant and revered religious holidays. In 2017, the entire Christian world will celebrate it on January 19. On this day in churches, cathedrals and temples the bells will ring, and the priests will hold solemn services, praising the great event - the Baptism of the Lord.

Those people who can in no way be called zealous champions of religion treat with respect to the light celebration. They pass on congratulations to each other on Epiphany in verse and prose, send celebratory sms and beautiful, short texts to friends and relatives with kind, sincere and sincere wishes.

The youth is not far behind the older generation. Even students and schoolchildren honor the bright day of Baptism and give to their classmates and classmates cool greetings and colorful cards with bright thematic pictures on this blessed holiday. Every person, from young to old, is imbued with the atmosphere of a wonderful, good holiday and experiences the Baptism of the Lord in the most joyful and exalted feelings.

Postcards and greetings on the Baptism of the Lord 2017

Closest friends and acquaintances and relatives are given the most touching and inspirational congratulations on the Baptism of the Lord in 2017. It is appropriate to memorize several beautiful verse verses or come up with your own text of congratulations in prose and pronounce the selected words at the right time. But you can approach the issue with fantasy and find bright and catchy pictures of congratulations on the Baptism of the Lord in 2017 for dear people. Classic postcards depicting the church scene of Baptism are suitable for older people. Young people will certainly like the baptism greetings written on postcards with winter landscapes, cute snow-covered churches and other subjects that have no exclusively religious significance.The children will be delighted with a few words of congratulations on Epiphany printed on cards with angels, forest animals, Christmas decorations and traditional characters of folklore.

Postcards with congratulations are usually handed to friends, family and acquaintances on the eve of Epiphany personally, complementing them with the most sincere and warm wishes, sent by mail in bright, colorful envelopes or placed on pages of popular social networks. Such pleasant and touching signs of attention resonate in every soul and make even the harshest and most restrained hearts, which are usually not inclined to sentiment, become a little softer and kinder.




Epiphany 2017 - funny short SMS-congratulations in verse

When good friends, close relatives and old friends live in other cities or even countries, communication becomes difficult due to natural life circumstances. But on solemn and significant days, people forget about the problems and difficulties with communication and look for any opportunities to send each other greetings and remind loved ones about themselves.
Someone on a significant day traditionally calls his family and by phone says the kindest, most sincere and welcoming congratulations on the bright Christian event - the Baptism of the Lord.Others are limited to sending short funny SMS-congratulations to friends on Baptism in verse and in such a way make dear people to experience the joyful, bright and bright emotions associated with the holiday.


In addition, sms-congratulations on the day of Epiphany are sent to colleagues at work, business partners, clients, classmates and classmates, former colleagues and even neighbors on the porch. Despite the fact that these people do not belong to the closest circle of friends, they will be more than pleased to receive an SMS-congratulation on Epiphany. And if you complete the greeting with kind wishes of love, happiness and family well-being, then distant friends even through the distance will feel your warm feelings and will remember this small but very sincere and touching sign of attention for a long time.


Congratulations on the Feast of Epiphany,
I wish your family the best,
To mark, as follows this day,
Despite the bustle and rubbish.


In the family I wish light and love,
With friends of kindness and understanding,
In Baptism decisions find
May God appreciate your efforts.


Something new for the holiday open,
And the charge in full, power, receive,
Let the Epiphany water affect you,
And longing for sadness - will chase away.

Beautiful congratulations on the Baptism of the Lord 2017 for relatives in verses


The most beautiful and tender greetings on the Epiphany of 2017 are dedicated to the closest, dear relatives, family members and loved ones. They can be sent as SMS to the phone, but the best thing, of course, is to learn the greeting by heart and say beautiful words at the time of a personal meeting. Such an unexpected performance will make an indelible impression on any person and will cause the most pleasant and joyful emotions on the day of Epiphany.

I really like the poetic congratulations on the Baptism of 2017 to older people. Grandmothers, grandfathers, elderly aunts and uncles are very happy that young people honor Christian traditions and respect the beautiful, pious and bright holiday of Epiphany.


The holy feast has come,
Our Lord was baptized
This night is holy water you
Give all your sins!

Boldly plunge into the hole
You're with your head today
Forces, health gain
You're in icy water!


Water once upon a time
He cleansed our land
Water is purgatory
Blessing bowl!

Let's cleanse ourselves with prayer!
Wash water!
Let's start your dinner tonight
Hungry kutyoyu.

All good thoughts,
We will now be,
For righteous thoughts,
Christ will not forget us!


January is cold outside
Outside the frost is cracking,
What you don't look out for,
Immediately freeze your nose.

And today is such a holiday,
Look where you don't look
What people are in a hurry different
Plunge into the Jordan.

Dive into the water safely
Will find all healing
Spirit and body will be tempered,
Baptism in the courtyard!

Cool congratulations on the feast of the Epiphany 2017


People with an unconventional way of thinking approach all issues creatively and even on such a holiday as the Epiphany, they find funny, foolish, mischievous and funny congratulations for friends and acquaintances. They are cheerfully and with an expression recited out loud at corporate parties or chamber office gatherings timed to the Epiphany holiday, broadcast as SMS or mms messages to the phones of business partners and customers and written on colorful thematic cards, and then sent by mail to relatives and friends in other cities and countries. Funny, joyful and slightly frivolous lines evoke in everyone who reads them or hears them,a kind smile and create a festive mood in the shower.


Epiphany -
Our holy feast,
Everyone rejoices, kind,
In the shower there is a quiet courage.

From love to others
My head is spinning,
All be well
God bless them forever!


At the baptism do not yawn
Body in water perch
To the new baptism
There were sensations.


Let the song play in the heart,
It will be hot on the soul,
And Baptism with interest,
You will mark in the family.

Orthodox greetings in verse with the baptism of the Lord for believers

A deeply religious person who is sacred to the traditions and customs of Orthodoxy should not send a cool text message or hand a card with a frivolous image on the day of the Baptism of the Lord. Signs of attention of this kind will not lift the spirits, but rather, will insult the most reverent and exalted feelings of a committed Christian. It is better to choose for such a friend or relative a beautiful congratulation on baptism in verse, to memorize him and recite out loud, for example, in the morning when the faithful returns from the festive church service. Such a display of attention and respect for the religious aspects of life will be enthusiastically accepted by believers.human and make the relationship between you more cordial and trusting.


On the bright holiday of Epiphany
Ask God for forgiveness,
He is merciful and hears everyone in the world
After all, both adults and children honor him.
He will save you from any misfortune
And peace, and joy in your house will bring.


The Feast of Baptism, an ancient rite ...
Everyone is happy to congratulate the event.
Strong happens in baptism frost,
Let him not give a reason to hang his nose.
Let the body washes water
May all diseases go away forever
Light will be the thoughts, the soul,
Life will be yours too!


They say that this night the sky opens,
You can even make up whatever you want.
On the day of the Baptism of the Lord, the bells will ring
Everyone will be blessed from large to small!
Let the water purify the soul, faith in the heart will resurrect,
And the Lord will hear us all and forgive us mistakes

Beautiful and touching congratulations on the Baptism of God in prose


Beautiful greeting in prose is a universal holiday greeting that sounds appropriate in any situation and is well perceived by every person, regardless of age and social status. On Baptism, greetings in prose for family and close friends are usually spoken in the simplest and most soulful words, without resorting to too refined and elaborate phrases.Dear people should feel your utmost sincerity and spiritual impulse. On the Day of Epiphany 2017, this will be the best and most pleasant gift for them. If you are uncomfortable in public speaking and do not like too much, when the whole family looks only at you, you can write the words of congratulations on Epiphany on colorful thematic cards and in a more secluded setting to each of your relatives and friends.

In no case should we forget about those who are at work or away on a holiday. These people need to make a phone call or send a short funny SMS-congratulation to Baptism and complete it with kind wishes. Let your loved ones feel that, despite the distance, they are remembered and very loved.


I congratulate you with all my heart on the Baptism of the Lord! What do you want? Let your love warm your dear people, your smile inspires that everything will be fine, and you will not hear sad or harsh words from your lips. May the joy of life be your queen, and success king! Let gossip, envy and misunderstanding pass by!


Today is the greatest, divine feast - the Baptism of the Lord! I sincerely want to wish you only the best, joy, many happy moments, luck,great mood! On this day, pray to God and ask him for health for yourself and your loved ones, and let your faith grow stronger every day!


I congratulate you on the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, and, although this is a holy holiday, I wish you quite material things. After all, we are just people and do not pretend to the title of saints ... So, let you have a lot of money, a smart car and a villa by the sea.

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