Copper wire ring

Today you will learn how to create jewelry using a rather unusual technique. This technique is called wire wrap art (among the masters there is its simple name, Vairovork) and means creating all sorts of things by twisting the wire.
Copper wire ring
It should be said that the wirework has been living among people for quite a long time - many jewelry has been created using this technique. Especially to twist from the wire jewelry masterpieces loved in the Middle Ages - it was believed that the more fine wire can work the master, the more skillful. And this means that the work of such a master was valued at a higher price. Nowadays, wire torsion technique is included in the subsection of the main popular types of needlework or what we used to know as “hand-made”. The main materials that will be popular here are copper, wire made from special silver alloys, steel, aluminum and hollow iron wire from copper core covered with a layer of silver.The main tools here are nippers, scissors, cutting for metal, flat-nose pliers, round-nose pliers, and platypus (a special type of round-nose pliers with tips, bevelled under 180 degrees). As well as jewelry tools: bolts, rollers, jewelry hammers, etc. It is necessary to say that this technique is not at all simple, as it may seem at first. Wyrvork requires from his adept (we will call him that) strong hands, precise movements and a sharp eye. It may take about six months until the beginner's hands memorize all the necessary movements and twist even the smallest things. Initially, it is recommended to try to start working with aluminum and steel wires. Due to their low cost pains, it is not a pity to spend them on the first undertakings and not be afraid to make a mistake and spoil the wire. Unfortunately, they are not very suitable for more professional projects: aluminum wires are soft and the thing of them can not withstand its own weight, and steel, on the contrary, is too hard and can quickly get tired of it. The best option is all sorts of copper wire.You can get it in electronics and wires, and in stores for needlework. Copper is obedient and soft in the hands, but at the same time strong and strong - it will give life to durable products. The only "but" - copper must be able to process. Therefore, in parallel with the study of torsion techniques, it is necessary to become acquainted with the patination of the copper product and its subsequent varnishing. In this lesson we will consider the creation of a ring made of copper wires .. So let's begin. To create a copper ring, we will need:
copper wire
Copper wire two sizes: 1.0 for the frame, 0.03 for the winding. Round pliers and nippers. A bolt for winding the base of the ring (we have an ordinary felt-tip pen). Beads for the core of the ring. First we take the wire .
different wire
We will use three kinds. Thicker is the base of the ring. Fine we will braid the base and attach the bead.
 bend the wire
And the third one, which has droplets at the ends, we will decorate the finished ring. Droplets on the rings were made using a gas burner.This requires a certain skill, so it is not recommended for beginners, you can burn yourself and get burned. Cut a piece of a thick wire
Take our round pliers
round pliers
Clamping the end of the wire between the jaws of the tool
 wind up
turning the tool away, we form a loop at the end
We form loops at both ends of the wire so that the ends of the ring do not scratch the fingers
Then we take our improvised crossbar and, pressing the wire with our finger, wind the wire on the lower end of the marker by the lower end of the wire. We need to make two full turns.
 Copper wire ring
 Copper wire ring
As a result, we should get the following:
 Ring of copper wire
Then remove the workpiece from the deadbolt, take a thin wire and do about 5-6 turns at the base of the loop at the end.
 Copper wire ring
Then we take the end of the lead (the one we are about we weave the basis) of the wire and dive under the upper wire of the base.
 Ring of Copper Wire
Tighten the loop.
Copper wire ring
Then, with the leading wire, we wind the upper "crossbar" of the base and make the dive in the opposite direction (under the lower "crossbar"). Also, then tighten the loop.
 Ring made of copper wire
And such" dives "we weave the whole base of the ring. It is important to make the whole winding under tension, then the braid pattern will lie flat. Here is the result, as the saying goes "in half."
In the end you will get such a foundation.
 Copper wire ring
>img src="" alt="Copper wire ring" title="Copper wire ring">
Then we take our beads and string one of them onto a new piece of thin wire.
 Copper wire ring
 Copper wire ring
 Copper wire ring
Find the middle of the ring and between the turns of the braid enter the two ends of the wire with a bead. Stretching the wire, fixing the bead, winding both ends to the upper and lower crossbars, and then let them pass through the bead several times and fix them, Then cut off the excess ends. style="text-align: center;">Copper wire ring Then we take the wire with the droplets. We wind it around the bead. Then we twist the base of the ring with two ends and bring them to the outside. Beautifully bend.
 Copper wire ring
It turns out here is such a blank. Copper wire ring The ring is then placed in ammonia vapors (common ammonia) and polished. Here is the result.
 Copper wire ring

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