Corrugated Paper Topiary

Corrugated Paper TopiaryTopiary is a technique of making hand-made trees decorated with flowers. It is believed that they bring happiness and luck, so the topiary of corrugated paper will be the decoration of the house. It can be created from any material, but today you will receive instructions for corrugated paper topiary. The most common decoration is a corrugated paper topiary with flowers.


Corrugated paper rose topiary


To create it you need to prepare such materials:


• Corrugated paper (choose your own color)
• Ball (plastic or foam)
• A small stick (best wooden)
• Paint (for convenience, use a spray bottle)
• Flower pot
• Floral sponge
Corrugated Paper Topiary• Adhesive
• Scissors
• Ribbons for decoration
• Decorative moss


  1. So, now we proceed directly to manufacturing the topiary of corrugated paper.
  2. First you need to cut the paper into several strips: the wider and longer they will be, the more flowers will be.
  3. We take one tape and bend it along, then twist. Leave the middle center more tightly, and the petals are looser so that the rose is more realistic. In the same way make the rest of the flowers. When everything is ready, glue the flowers tightly on the ball so that there is no space left between them.
  4. Next we take an empty flower pot, put a floral sponge on the bottom, giving it the size of the pot bottom.
  5. Then you need to make a trunk. To do this, take a pre-prepared wooden stick and paint it with a balloon. After it has dried, fasten it from one side to the ball of flowers, and the other side stick it into the sponge. For reliability, you can fix the glue.
  6. Now consider that you almost made a topiary made of corrugated paper from roses, because you only need to decorate the pot with decorative moss, and you can tie the trunk with a ribbon bow if you are going to give someone a gift made of corrugated topiary.


Corrugated paper topiary: trimming technique


  1. There is a separate technique for making corrugated paper topiary - trimming. It allows you to make the tree more fluffy, creating an additional volume.This is a more complicated option, but the time spent on making such a craft completely justifies itself.
  2. To make it, bend the wire, and fasten a foam ball on it, then decorate it with a ribbon.
  3. Then cut the paper into thin strips 1 cm wide, which should be cut into small squares.
  4. Take a thin skewer and twist paper squares at its end. As a result, you will get a lot of small elements, which will take a lot of time to manufacture. After that, stick the twisted elements close to each other on the ball so that there are no gaps left. Put the resulting tree in a pot and fill it with alabaster. Top can be decorated with artificial grass to give naturalness.

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