Crafts Peacock

Some things simply can not remain indifferent - they seem to have been created in order to turn into a children's craft. A vivid example - peacock feathers: seeing them on the counter of the store, it's hard to pass by and not get such a fluffy company. And if feathers are bought, then what could be better than the Peacock craft made of cardboard cardboard and colored paper created with their help?

 Craft of peacock

Craft of peacock

Such a peacock, made with your own hands at your leisure, will become not only a decoration of the desktop or bookshelf, but also an excellent stand and container for various small items that can easily get lost among other things.

Before making a peacock, from the bu magicians need to make its foundation. To do this, we take the finished cardboard roll and wrap it with a thin colored paper of a suitable color - for example, blue. You can simply paint the roll with paint, but then visible irregularities will remain on its surface.

Wrapping a roll of paper

Wrap a roll with paper

From a white sheet, cut a small triangle with a wide base, glue it to the roll with the base up. The beak turns out.

Glue the beak

Stick the beak

Place a pair of toy eyes over the beak.

 Glue the eyes

Glue the eyes

Cut the legs out of the gray sheet and glue it onto the bottom of the roll. You can draw them in gray colors.

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