The desire to create, to realize their own fantasies, to create original uniquecrafts with their own handslives in the soul of every person from an early age. Needlework is a favorite hobby of many people, including celebrities. Creative work is the best way to escape from the hustle and bustle of the world, forget about troubles, relieve stress. The undoubted advantage of makingcraftsbrings a child's body. Work soothes, develops creative inclinations, perseverance, patience and accuracy, instills confidence in his abilities.

Handmade today is appreciated all over the world. Crafts are indispensable for creating a unique interior of the nursery, kitchen, bedroom and living room. Needlewomen who always know how to fill their free time, there are no problems with gifts for friends and relatives. They can create a pleasant surprise with their own hands. In addition, beautifulcraftsoften become a source of additional income.They are willing to buy for the New Year, March 8, and just for a good mood.

Everyone can wake up an artist in himself, make his hands golden, fill his life with good mood and pleasure. For this, the desire to back up with affairs is enough. Starting with the manufacture of the simplest things, toys, you can gradually reach these heights of skill. All ages obedience to handicraft!


Hammer from a crutch

Crutch Hammer

To perform fine work in the form of engraving and embossing it is important to have a special tool, one of which is a small hammer. Its dimensions and low weight make it possible: to do fine work without fear of damaging other elements; work hard
Self-made extractor for screwing out a broken screw
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Independent production of an extractor for twisting a broken screw

If you had to twist the small screws into hardwood, then most likely you have already encountered their breakage at the most inopportune moment. As a result (for example, when installing a piano loop), there is a double problem:
Magnetic corner for welding

Magnetic welding corner

During welding, there are times when it is necessary to simultaneously tack the part and hold it at a certain angle. For such work you need two people or a special tool. Most often used
Thermoshrinkable bundles from plastic bottles
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Plastic bottle shrink sleeves

I had an idea how to make shrinkable clamps that could be used for various economic purposes. The idea is based on the ability of PET plastic to compress when exposed to hot air. Experienced I came up with three types
Potbelly stove from old disks
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The stove from old disks

Today I will tell you how I made a stove for my workshop, so that you can work in it in the winter, but at the same time do not use electricity for oil heaters. For this purpose I got 3 disks from the truck. One of them was smaller in diameter,
Three ways to remove the rivet
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Three ways to remove the rivet

Many industrial products use rivets as a way to securely and quickly fasten a knot, which will not be disassembled in the future. Often rivets are joined by thin sheet metals. If you need to remove the riveting and not
Simple brush with metal bristles

A simple brush with a metal bristle

Many masters consider the presence of such a brush a relic of the past, preferring modern tools.However, this expert understands the real advantages of such a product, and always keeps it at hand. However, for some operations
The simplest device for sharpening knives at 30 degrees
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The simplest device for sharpening knives at 30 degrees

I continue to sharpen the knife. I have already shown my self-made fixture to make descents (tapering blade surfaces). At the same time, I made a polishing disc, stitching several discs together so as not to diverge. Next was the task of sharpening
How to make a hole in hardened steel without drilling
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How to make a hole in hardened steel without drilling

In this simple way, you can make not only a round hole in hardened steel, but also a hole of any other shape without any extra effort. The chemical method will help you out and ease the task. The method does not require expensive chemical reagents, all
Anvil from a piece of rail

Anvil from a piece of rail

One of the necessary attributes of a home master is a small anvil. It is useful to anyone who likes to do everything on their own: often you need to align some kind of piece of iron, which requires a flat and heavy surface, on which, without fear
Heat exchanger for the furnace

Heat exchanger for furnace

The heat exchanger is installed on the chimney of any furnace and increases its manufacturer and efficiency by more than 2.5 times. That significantly increases fuel economy, reduces warm-up time. The essence of the work is simple: through the chimney stove, in addition to smoke, is emitted
Making a manicure stand under your arms

Making a manicure stand under your arms

Those who are professionally engaged in the services of a manicure, understand how important it is to have a palm rest.This not only increases the prestige of services, but also makes the manicure process more convenient for both the client and the master. Since the lamps are different
Wooden shelf for flowers with their own hands

Wooden shelf for flowers do-it-yourself

Indoor flowers - the main decoration of almost any interior. After all, they make the room brighter and more attractive. Literally any room, be it an office or an apartment, can be made cozy and stylish with the help of indoor plants.
Making a wooden case

Making a wooden case

Some things need packaging. For example, if you want to present a valuable gift that is expensive. If you just give a thing wrapped in cellophane - it will reduce the value of the gift.
Floating shelves

Floating shelves

Once my wife needed shelves in a combined bathroom.I didn’t really like the plastic and metal products that were offered in stores, so I decided to rummage in my supplies in the garage. I liked several pieces of wood,
How to unscrew the pin chips with an extractor

How to unscrew a piece of hairpin with an extractor

There are a lot of ways to extract a broken fragment of a broken hairpin or a bolt. But this method can be called traditional or classical. Here you will not need any initiative or ingenuity, but everything is just a simple implementation of a certain, long time ago
How to drill a washer exactly
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How to drill the washer exactly

Those who were engaged in plumbing, various repair of auto and motorcycle technology, probably fell into a similar situation when it was necessary to drill out the washer to the desired diameter. It would seem, take it and ream, what's the problem? But not everything is so
Suspended bed in the greenhouse with your own hands

Suspended bed in the greenhouse with your own hands

Hello, amateurs of agriculture, part-time craftsmen. Recently, secrets of homestead activities related to the cultivation of fruit and berry crops are more often disclosed. I wanted to say vegetables.
Nippers from broken pliers

Cutters from broken pliers

Surely you have in the garage, if you search hard, you can find broken pliers that are long overdue. This master class is just about the fact that it is not necessary to do this, but it is necessary to turn an unnecessary thing to anyone into a very useful tool
Simple stand for garden tools

A simple garden equipment stand

Incredibly simple stand, which can be done in a short period of time, will help to clean up your barn or garage. Mounted on the wall, and all your rakes, shovels, choppers and similar tools will be clearly stored without interfering
The most effective way to remove a broken hairpin
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The most effective way to remove a broken hairpin

Bummer stud - one of the most common defects that can encounter a motorist. Hairpins are used in many parts of the car. But if you do not have a car, this does not mean that you will never get into this situation, because to break down
How to make a drill from a nail
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How to make a nail drill

I will show you how to make a simple drill from an ordinary nail, with which you can drill steel, wood, plastic, etc. Yes, you have read it all correctly, you can drill a thick steel of the order of 5 mm with this drill. A feather is a good thing, always
We weld aluminum without argon

Weld aluminum without argon

Hello friends! I will show how to weld aluminum without argon, a common inverter.The entire process will be completely identical to the arc welding styles, with the exception of one small change. With this method, you can easily
How to shorten the bolt

How to shorten the bolt correctly

Good advice and useful trick, how to shorten the bolt, pin or screw. The fact is that if you cut the thread in the usual way, then tighten the nut back on the thread will not work. All this is due to the fact that the threaded turns are crushed.

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