Cranberry marmalade with spices

Bright, mega-useful and very tasty marmalade, created on the basis of cranberries, fragrant spices and agar-agar. Such a delicacy can be given even to small children. This sweetness is a good substitute for purchased sweets, which contain artificial colors and preservatives. You can buy fresh or frozen cranberries to create a delicacy.
Cranberry marmalade with spices
This recipe uses agar made from seaweed and has a mass of useful substances. Because of this, sweetness can be consumed during fasting, as well as those people who adhere to vegetarianism. By the same principle, you can make a jelly dessert from viburnum, lingonberry or sea buckthorn. In each case, you will get not only an appetizing, but also an original dessert, which can decorate yourself with even the most exquisite table. For shaping marmalade it is recommended to use molds with only a smooth surface. From them it will be easy for you to take a delicacy without damaging its appearance.For this, it is best to use silicone molds of different sizes. Ingredients:
  • - agar (1 and ¾ tsp.);
  • - granulated sugar (60 grams);
  • - water (40 ml);
  • - cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger (on a pinch) ;
  • - water for cranberries (200 ml);
  • - cranberries (150 grams).

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