Create a bottle of lilac from bottle plastic


Before starting to create a lilac, I studied the "living specimen".

The structure of the twigs is very interesting. I give an approximate arrangement of flowers on the scheme.

Let's start with creating flowers. In order for the lilac to look more delicate and airy, it is better to use two layers for the flower: for me it is a mother-of-pearl matte and translucent of two shades - pink from water “Fruto Nurse” and lilac from mineral water.

Billets will be of three types:

  • Five petals - in each branch of lilac it is simply a must to have a happy flower of five petals. 🙂
  • Four petals - a pearl layer of opened flowers.
  • Three petals - for buds and a translucent layer

Four petals

Cut the plastic into 15 mm squares. Cut each side in half, leaving about 5 mm in the center. You get 4 petals. Lightly round each one up and around the edges.

For a five-petalled flower from a square, cut a pentagon.Three petals - cut a triangle. Further, the same as with chetyrehlepestkovye.

When all the blanks are prepared, proceed to the heat treatment.

It is important - when working with plastic room should be ventilated. It is better to hold the blank with round pliers. The treatment is carried out not in fire, but above, that is, in hot air. The distance from the candle light to the blank must be at least 2 cm, otherwise the plastic will darken and shrink.

We put the billet to the candle with a convex side up, each petal in turn literally for a second, and then we remove it.

Thus we process all blanks.

And now proceed to the assembly of a branch of lilac.


  • wire thickness 0,4mm
  • beads
  • bugle
  • bead droplets for buds.

Cut 2 m of wire, dial the beads, fold in half, type a bead-drop on the two ends of the wire and the bugle at any one end of the wire.

Pull up. And twist it a little.

The first "tier" consists of three branches with closed buds-beads.

Take one end of the wire, put on it a glass bead, a bead, beads and draw the wire back through the bead, the beads are a fixer.

Twist another twig. And one more.Now twist all three, 5mm down.

The next tier consists of two branches of three branches - one bud-bead and two half-open buds.

Again, take the long end of the wire and twist another twig. And one more, adding a bud instead of a bead. Twist it.

Add another branch with a bud.

Screw down another approximately 5-7mm. Add another sprig of two buds and a bead.

Twist down 10mm again.

The following branches are done by adding flowers according to the scheme. Flowers gradually open, we add four-petal and four-petal with a transparent three-petal layer.

The third tier - two branches of 5 branches-flowers.

Before each tier, twist the wire down 10 mm.

For each tier, add two branches with flowers. The fourth tier is 7, the fifth tier is 9, and so on, until the length of the branch suits you. In nature, each branch of lilac is usually 7-9 tiers.

If the length of the wire ends, it can easily be extended. Cut another 1.5 - 2 m, fold in half and wrap around the outermost twigs, continue to weave the branches, occasionally winding around the tips of the previous wire.

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