Crochet Christmas-tree decoration

You can decorate the tree with your own handmade toys. It's easy and simple to do, even if you have never held a hook in your hands before. Enough to carefully read this masterclass on creating a toy - a ball on a Christmas tree. Before you a diagram and detailed step-by-step instructions on knitting. Legend: Air loop - vp Stylus without a crochet - st b / n. Stylus with a crochet - ст с / n.  ball knitting pattern
1. Hook and thread.
 Hook and Thread
2. We start knitting with a chain of 7. v. And close it into a ring.
 Start knitting with a chain
3. Knit 3 loops for lifting.
 lifting loops
4. We knit 19 st s / n.  We knit 5. Again we knit 3 loops for lifting and then 1 column with / n. * Then 5 v. P.and 2 st c / n with a single vertex *. To make 2 tables / n with a common vertex, you should not connect the first column to the end, but start the second one. Then knit all the loops that will remain on the hook. Repeat from * to *.
 We knit again
6. We finish the row with an arch of air loops.
 We finish the row with the arch
7. We make 3 lifting loops. On the arch from the chain of the previous row, we knit 3 tablespoons with / N and 5 items. And 4 more st / n. On all subsequent arches, we knit 4 t / c, then 5 cp, then 4 st c / n. The first part is ready, then we need to make one more, exactly the same part. We knit the last row of the second part as follows:
 Making 3 lifting loops
8. During knitting 5 air loops do the following: knit 3 vp and connect with the arch of the second part. Then we fix the remaining 2 cp. we knit the last row in this way and at the same time combine the two ball parts.
 air loops
9. It looks like a toy. There is very little left and it willlooks like a real Christmas ball.
 It looks like a toy
10. We take a usual balloon. We put it in a knitted toy.
 Insert the ball
11. Inflate the ball and dip into the cooled sugar syrup. We leave to dry.
Inflate the ball
12. We pierce the ball and pull it out. The toy is ready.
pull it out

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