Papier Mache Cucumber

Papier-mache is an amazing technique that is perfect for working with even small children. It is possible to make this technique all that the soul will deign: a vase, a plate, a toy on the Christmas tree and a lot of dummies. And today we will make crafts for everyone's favorite day Cucumber. We produce two types of cucumbers: ordinary cucumbers, which can be laid out on a plate or placed in a jar under the lid. And the second option: a pan cucumber that will stand on legs and have a fun smile. Materials: • Newspapers • • Napkins • • Threads • PVA glue • • Acrylic paints • Varnish • Paint-gel effect of pearls (optional) Cucumber production steps: We start with ordinary cucumbers, to create them take a couple of sheets of newspaper, we make it well, giving shape cucumber.
 Cucumbers in papier mache technique
We wrap blanks with threads, tear paper into pieces Glasses newspaper and glue pieces to the base, hiding it. Glue do this: dilute the adhesive PVA with water,proportion 1/2. We make several layers of newspaper and let the layers dry out. Cover the cucumbers with a layer of newspapers or toilet paper and dry them again.
 Cucumbers in papier mache technique
We paint, trying to give the most realistic look. In order for the cucumbers to be shiny, you can varnish them.
 Cucumbers in papier-mâché technique
We make the jolly cucumber with legs on the same principle, just add a spout, cheeks and legs.
 Cucumbers in papier mache technique
We paint a cucumber, draw a face, and make a tail out of napkins to match the color of a figurine or corrugated paper. The pimples are made using a special gel to create a pearl effect. There is also a more affordable way: we drop Pva or Dragon in the right place and wait until it dries. There is only one minus: the time is longer, you have to wait until the pimples dry out on one side and only then proceed to the second side so that the glue does not drip.
Cucumbers in papier mache technique We cover the cucumber with varnish and wonderful crafts for the day of the cucumber are ready!

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