Culinary mistakes that are easy to avoid.

Kitchen is not a place where you should learn solely from your mistakes. In order for the food to be tasty, and its preparation to be enjoyable, you should learn a few culinary tricks. Armed with information, you will no longer make annoying mistakes and misses.

The secret to cooking steaks and chops

Always chop the meat across the grain. Otherwise, it will lose its shape and will not be juicy.

Tomatos - special attention

When preparing the first dishes or vegetable stew, never add tomatoes at once. Due to the acid in tomatoes, cooking time will increase. Optimally add tomatoes at the very end.

Oh, those pasta!

Since the time of grandmothers, we are accustomed to be sure to wash pasta. In Italy, such an error is not allowed; moreover, even the water in which the pasta was boiled is used to make sauces.

More about dough

Pasta, as well as dumplings and dumplings "love" water.With an insufficient amount of liquid, they will stick together and even stick to the bottom.

Prepare the broth correctly!

Always immerse the meat in cold water, then the broth will be more saturated and tasty. But it must be salted at the end of cooking, otherwise the broth will become salted as the water boils out.

The secret purpose of salt and sugar

Neglecting sugar when cooking salty foods is not worth it. Just a pinch is enough to make the taste of the dish richer.

Nuances of soda slaking

To make the dough as airy as possible, you need to extinguish the soda by the following method. Separately mix soda and 1 tsp with 50 ml of water. lemon juice. Then it remains to simultaneously pour the contents of two containers into the dough.

Preparation of potatoes for baking and not only

Before dunk potatoes for slices for a couple of hours, it’s easy to get perfect slices. The starch content, and with it the calorie content of the dish, will decrease. This trick can also be used when preparing other dishes from potatoes.

When a blender becomes an enemy

You should not beat the mashed potatoes with a blender. The presence of starch in potatoes will provide the effect of paste, and mashed potatoes instead of air will become viscous.

Pizza toppings

"Bust" with filling affects the result is not the best way. Its abundance can cause uneven baking dough. In addition, the filling of this pizza will fall out.

The secret of cutting onions

The shredded onions begin to taste bitter very quickly. That is why you need to cut it directly before sending it to the dish. Working with a blunt knife can also cause bitterness.

The nuances of passerovka

Onions cook longer carrots. Adding carrots to the pan should be at the moment when the onion has become transparent and soft.

Cooking vegetables correctly

The heat treatment time for vegetables is different. For some of them, even blanching is enough; 1-2 minutes of being in boiling water will allow you to save not only the taste of vegetables, but also the majority of useful substances.

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