Beaded Necklace "Daisy"

A simple, but very spectacular necklace made of beads can be made using beads that match the tone or contrast, the main condition is to choose the size of the beads so that the result is a smooth semicircle without distortion and curvature. To do this, we will have to weave a test sample. The work uses Japanese Matsuno and Toho beads, crystal and pomegranate beads, fine needles for Miyuki beads, a string for beadwork. You will also need scissors, wax and very comfortable sorting triangular plates - plastic or metal.
 triangular plates
 thin needles for beads
crystal beads and garnet
When selecting beads tone at get smooth play of colors, and if different size beads are selected in bright contrasting colors, a necklace will look like a rainbow.You can replace magatama with drop-shaped beads, pendants or even glass beads, the main thing is to observe a gradual transition of the size of beads or beads and the product should look harmonious, not a "quilt". In work we used: 1. Small beads (No. 15) - purple iridescent. 2. Medium beads (No. 11) - dark purple. 3. Octahedral beads (cutting) - “light” matte silver.
4. Cylindrical beads (cutting) - "light" silver. 5. Magatama (drop-shaped beads) - transparent. 6. Crystal matte purple beads and a pomegranate focal bead . The work is carried out by mosaic weaving and consists of 8 half-moon elements. The size of the crescent depends on the volume of the neck and is calculated for a particular product. For our necklace, we collect 28 beads on a strong thin thread with small iridescent purple beads and weave 2 rows.
 rainbow purple beads
Add 2 more rows of large purple beads
 Add another 2 rows of large ones
The next step is to add one row of silver frosted" lights ",then a row of large purple beads and another row of silver matte.
 add one row of silver
The final stage is 2 rows of silver" light "and 1 row magatam. Having finished weaving, we pass the last row in the opposite direction to secure the thread. The remaining threads are not cut shortly so that they can be hidden unnoticed in weaving.
 secretly hidden in the netting
We decompose the resulting 8 elements in the form of a necklace.
We decompose turned out
Put beads between crescents.
 п Crescent put beads
sewn together to get the parts necklaces, aligning form. To join and decorate the resulting parts can be arbitrarily, simply by combining with a chain of beads or creating figured forms with projections, teeth or even fringe - here you can show imagination and an individual approach.All the sticking threads are carefully hidden in the weave. We sew a lock, suitable in shape and color to the necklace. We check the correctness of the form and the absence of errors. Everything - the product is ready! Wear health!
 Daisy Bead Necklace
 bead necklace
This necklace can serve as a base for many variations, beads, for example, can be replaced with intertwined cabochons, instead of a focal bead in the center of the necklace, make a large insert or connect crescent elements with chains of strung beads. Unleash the creative imagination and create your own options!

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