Hairpin Decoration

Various hairstyles play an important role in the life of a girl of any age. The stores have a large number of fantastic hair ornaments. But it is not always possible to find exactly what you need. Then your diligence and diligence comes to the rescue. After all, any decorations (hairpin, rubber band, etc.) can be made by yourself, you only need to master the basic skills. Today we want to offer you to make hairpins in blue colors from satin ribbons using the kanzashi technique. For making hairpins using the kanzashi technique, we will need the following materials: -Transparent glue gun. -Atlasny tape of blue tint (2 cm wide). -Atlasnaya ribbon of green shade (4cm wide). -Hairpins for standard size hair (without any decorations). -Beads or beads. - White cardboard. - Candle. - Matches. - Scissors (sharp). - Tweezers. - Coins. We proceed to the manufacture of studs in this technique. First you need to take a blue tape width of 2 centimeters.
take the blue ribbon
Cut it with sharp scissors into 4 centimeters rectangles by 2 centimeters.Then we light a candle and we burn the edges of the ribbon so that it does not start to mohr while working.
 Cut the ribbon
Take one rectangle.
Cut the tape
We collapse it as shown in the pictures. It is best to carry out all movements with tweezers, so the details will be smoother.
Then fold the tape in half.
 burn the ends with fire
And then again in half. Next, we burn the ends with fire and press them to each other. When heated, the tape melts and sticks together.
 we burn the ends with fire
As a result, we have such a petal.

For the first tier, we need ten of these petals. It is best to make them in advance so that during gluing you are not distracted by their production.
The next step is to make a support for the flower. For this we need a fifty kopeck coin. We outline it on cardboard and cut it out.This size of cardboard is the most optimal for support - it is not big and not small.
 making support for the flower
Next we take the hairpin and pass it into the cardboard and fasten with a transparent glue gun.
 manufacture of support for the flower
From above the hairpin, in order to hide all the interferences of fastening, glue the satin ribbon green shade.
 making support for the flower
 making support for the flower
Getting Started to gluing the lower tier of the flower. On the basis of dripping adhesives, attach one petal on top. We arrange the petals so that the second tier can also fit. We glue the petals in a circle, tightly pressing to the base.
 Start gluing
 Start gluing
 Start gluing
Then fasten the second tier.For the second tier need smaller petals. They will be 2 centimeters by 3 centimeters. We need five of them.
 glue the petals
Fasten them, just like the first tier, only glue is dropped onto the petals of the first tier, not on the cardboard.
paste the petals
 glue the petals
To decorate the flower in the middle also with prose Attach a bead or large beads to the glue gun pistol.
 Decorating hairpins using the kanzashi technique
These are the hairpins we have made. You learned how to decorate hairpins using kanzashi technique. A little practice in this business and you will be able to quickly and efficiently make any piece of jewelry. You can use them to create beautiful and interesting hairstyles, they will decorate them and betray them to elegance.
 Decorating Kanzashi hairpins

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