Decorative bottle "Memories of the sea"

Materials required:
  • A beautifully shaped bottle.
  • Linen cord in white.
  • Decorative materials (beads, colored glass, chains, buttons in the marine style, coins, figures on the marine theme, artificial algae).
  • Natural material (colorful sea pebbles, aquarium soil, large and small shells, corals).
  • Glue ("Titan", "Moment of Installation" transparent).
Coming from rest from warm edges, we are almost always We bring with ourselves cockleshells, pebbles, corals, etc. I suggest making them ekorativnuyu bottle that will remind you about the rest. If you choose a bottle with a cork, then it will be possible to pour into it the gifts brought from the rest for storage, you can also give it to loved ones. 1. Prepare all the necessary materials. Wash and dry the bottle.
 Decorative bottle
2. Cord begin to glue on the bottom of the bottle.Glue "Titan" we put on the bottle in a circle with a narrow strip (approximately 2-3 cm) and glue the cord laying it closely behind the turn. Periodically, it is necessary to check the horizontal position of the coils, avoiding undulation, the further, the more difficult the alignment will be.
 Decorative bottle
3. After the entire bottle is covered with a cord, you must wrap the lid, putting the cord on the glue, starting from the side surface, gradually moving to the top, completely cover the top of the cap with a cord, securing it in the center.
 Decorative bottle
4. Now we will begin to decorate the bottle. Determine the area to be decorated, we outline an approximate figure. For fastening we use the glue "Moment Editing" transparent (you can also glue the gun, but in this case there will be no possibility to move the shells to a more suitable place). First we glue the large shells and stones. More voluminous shells and pebbles are best attached at the bottom of the bottle. After that, you need to wait a while for the glue to harden (20 minutes).
 Decorative bottle
5.Next, we begin to fill the remaining space with small pebbles, shells, corals. Again we wait about 20 minutes. We carefully look at where empty places or irregularities remain, glue on still small shells, you can also use fragments of shells, for decorative purposes they also look pretty. When you are satisfied with the picture that has formed in front of you, you can start decorating with coins, colored glass, beads, chains, you can also use multi-colored aquarium soil. But we must bear in mind that the main "actors" in our decor should be marine "finds", the number of colored decor should be minimal.
Decorative Bottle
6. But I separately tied the neck of the bottle, wrapped it three times, tied the knots at the ends so that it would not disband. I also attached a crab, some artificial algae, pieces of coral.
Decorative bottle
After the bottle is decorated, you can decorate the cap. I used a nautical-style button (with an anchor pattern), maybe you have a small anchor.From above you can attach a figure of a sailboat or whatever you want in a marine style. We close the bottle cap and admire the result.
 Decorative bottle

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