Decorative floor for storage

Floor for a warehouse

Today, polymeric industrial floors are widely used in the repair of premises for various purposes. No exception and. The company "ProfitPol", in addition to standard compositions, often offers its customers the installation of decorative liquid compositions.

In the arsenal of specialists of the company performing installations in Moscow and the Moscow region there are the following types of decorative synthetic coatings:

  1. Painted with a special pigment.
  2. Epoxy-quartz constructs using colored sand.
  3. > Polyurethane formulations, filled with the addition of colored chips.

All types of decoration make your warehouse or office floor unique. This type of treatment does not affect the basic characteristics of the coating. The floor looks like an organic element that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Features of polymeric compositions from the company "ProfitPol"

Today’s storage floor is an unpretentious, durable design. Performed on the basis of the Polyplan and Polyflex constructions, these synthetic floors in the decorated version can be ordered on the site:

  1. Polyplan Decor from 950 rubles / m².
  2. Polyplast Color from 1050 rubles / m².

The first is a polyurethane or epoxy composition 1-3 mm thick, filled with colored flocs, made in a glossy or matte version.

The second is a highly filled coating based on quartz sand and color fractions of epoxy resins over 2 mm thick. There is also a budget variant of a thin (1 layer) Polyflex Decoration with a cost of 550 rubles / m², the polyurethane base of which is supplemented with colored flocs.

Our coatings are not afraid of strong vibration and shock loads. The floor for a warehouse in a decorative design is also easily repaired and quickly removed.

The greater the thickness of the coating, the longer it will be able to serve you without repair. Even thin-layer mixtures based on the Polyflex construct are able to stand for 7 years or more.

Decorative floor application areas for a warehouse

ProfitPol specialists will perform a high-quality turnkey installation of various types of polymer flooring. A set of constructs allows us to flexibly approach the needs of customers in arranging a warehouse of any type.

Decorative self-leveling floors have a neat and presentable look. The characteristic color or color, the presence of a logo or design, the presence of color chips remarkably brightens the dull monotony of the everyday economic life around.

Our low-cost, decorated self-leveling floors for a warehouse are perfect for:

  • administrative premises;
  • trade, medical or exhibition centers
  • STO and garages;
  • parking lots, etc.

Compounds with colored filling have the same service life as conventional standard industrial flooring. If the preparation of the base during installation or replacement was carried out conscientiously, then our polymer blends can defend without repair for several decades. Of course, much depends on the level of movement in the warehouse, but subject to the operation technology, the installation costs will pay off for another half of its service life.Order a decorated floor for a warehouse for your room to get an original look, a coating based on synthetic resins, colored chips or quartz sand.

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