Description of the appearance and nature of Saluki

Saluki is an ancient breed of dog, also called the "Persian Greyhound". The animal has an unusual appearance and calm disposition.

Description saluki with photos

There are several varieties of this dog breed. Saluki, whose homeland is the African mountains, have a body clad in warm thick wool. The greyhound of the plains has short hair, but with undercoat on the ears, tail and legs in the back. The animal from the desert is covered with the shortest hairline.

Saluki very fast and hardy
Saluki very fast and hardy dogs
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The breed has the following appearance standards:

  • Lightweight, graceful body with long, thin legs. The height at withers can reach up to 70 cm. The average dog's weight is about 20 kg. Males are somewhat larger than females.
  • The head is elongated, not wide, but with an enlargement of the skull in the area of ​​the ears. The line of transition of a forehead to a muzzle smooth, practically not designated.
  • The nose has a black lobe.
  • Hanging ears, overgrown with hair, mobile, of medium length, arranged on the sides.
  • The long tail is down, twisted into a ring. It is located low, completely covered with wool.
  • Jaws have a strong bite.
  • The eyes are always dark, oval in shape, slightly slanting.
  • The neck is high, strong. The chest is rather long, the belly is strongly tucked up. The back is flat, the croup (the rear part of the body) is rounded.

The coat color is fluffy or continuous. The most common animals are red, white, black and gray.

The character of the Saluki dog breed

This breed distinguishes such features of character:

  • The Eastern Greyhound is a serious, wayward dog. She does not reach for a hand for affection.
  • The dog is very wary of strangers or unfamiliar objects, but it does not express fear or aggression.
  • Being idle, the greyhound is melancholic. But it is necessary to bring it to nature, immediately there is a noticeable transformation. It is advisable to keep such a pet in company with other dogs, as he feels better in the pack.
  • It is necessary to train the dog persistently and persistently so that the independent character is directed in the right direction. Dogs are great hunters. Greyhound during the chase for the game uses not only vision, but also flair. Her scent makes it possible to detect the trail and walk along it until the object of the hunt is visible.After the beast is caught, the dog waits for the owner, but does not bring the prey itself.

Saluki does not show aggression towards children, so the animal may fearlessly start families with children. But it is important to remember that this is not the most suitable breed of dog for keeping in an apartment. The dog needs space and frequent walks.

To date, the Persian greyhound has spread throughout the world. The dog has excellent hunting data and good endurance, which allows it to long pursue the beast in hot climatic conditions.

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