Diamond peeling - a delicate way to clean your face

Microdermabrasion is carried out in beauty salons with a special apparatus by means of medical steel nozzles under conditions of complete sterility, which eliminates the risk of infection. Cleaning is mechanical, however, the diamond microparticles do not touch the skin. Therefore, the procedure is suitable for people with allergies to various chemicals.Solid diamond particles are able to clean the skin, removing from it the old layers of the epidermis and dead cells. At the same time the skin is updated.
Nozzles with different levels of grain are equipped with abrasives from diamond dust, which is represented by small crystals of diamonds processed by a laser method. All the dust generated during the treatment of the face gets inside the device. Vacuum acting on the skin has a beneficial effect on it, reducing swelling after peeling, as well as promoting good circulation of the skin blood flow.
The procedure lasts a little more than half an hour. At the same time, the patient does not experience pain, significant redness of the skin and irritation. Grinding has a smoothing effect on scars, scars and minor wrinkles. Skin color becomes smooth and radiant. Diamond peels can make pigment spots and freckles less visible. Enlarged pores on the face after the procedure significantly narrowed. The skin is getting younger and gaining tone.
Diamond peeling is recommended to use those who have a dull complexion, enlarged pores, scars, scars, wrinkles, post-acne and comedones. Also, the procedure will significantly help with acne, clogged pores, skin tuberosity. Grinding with diamond nozzles can eliminate ingrown hairs.The procedure of diamond polishing of the face is desirable to trust only specialists. Otherwise, the skin can cause significant damage by leaving scratches and scars on it.
Immediately after performing the peeling procedure, a mask is usually applied to the skin or treated with collagen serum. Useful components penetrate well through the open pores.
There are a number of contraindications for the procedure:
- burns;
- scratches, pustular phenomena, ulcers, wounds, fresh scars;
- the period of menstruation;
- pregnancy and lactation;
- scleroderma and hyperkeratosis;
- infectious skin diseases;
- allergy;
- bronchial asthma;
- skin tumors, warts, moles, papillomas;
- Diseases of the digestive tract;
- increased body temperature;
- epilepsy;
- feverish conditions;
- oncological processes.
After the procedure, it is necessary to avoid exposure of the sun to the treated areas of the skin for some time, it is obligatory to use sunscreen before going outside. It is also worth avoiding visiting the pool and sauna for one and a half weeks, refusing heavy physical activity, so as not to cause irritation from the effects of sweat, do not use alcohol-containing cosmetics for skin care.

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