Crafting an autumn tree

The craft of the autumn tree is very relevant for the first autumn months, when the children are impressed by the changes occurring in their surrounding nature. It allows you to consolidate the knowledge of the main autumn omens associated with the plant world - abscission of foliage from trees and change in the color of plants. Crafts on the theme of autumn are often made in kindergartens and elementary classes, often they are used as homework. At the same time there are a variety of techniques to perform the work: application, modeling, quilling, floristics.

 autumn application

autumn application

Application for children is considered the most accessible method , as it allows you to work with pre-prepared elements. At the same time, she teaches:

  • correctly distribute the patterns in the picture - that is, create a composition;
  • handle the glue carefully;
  • work with small elements, improves the dexterity of children's fingers.

Children love to create volumetric applications that make the image more real, tangible.In order to give the picture volume, you can use different methods. We propose to carry out a volume application of "wood" using multi-colored napkins.

So, we prepare in advance:

Landscape sheet.

The contour of the tree with the branches cut out of brown colored paper. For younger children, we immediately glue the tree on the sheet.

Glue. The most convenient way to work with adhesive pencils or tubes with rollers. When working with a large tube, babies are better to suggest a brush for applying glue to a sheet.

Pieces of napkins of different ("autumn") colors - red, yellow, orange, pink, green. You can use corrugated colored paper.

Proceed: glue the outline of the tree to the sheet. Then we take pieces of napkin, form lumps of them and glue them to the tree as if they were falling leaves.

It’s convenient to work in a special washable tray - it allows you to keep the workplace clean.

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