DIY Chocolate Sushi {Video}

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You may have already heard of sushi made from chocolate! Our site tries to talk only about unusual and colorful recipes, and today is no exception.

As a rule, "Sushi" is associated with rice and fish. But chocolate! How's the chocolate? We were also visited by this question for the first time when we saw them in a cozy restaurant in the suburbs ofLondon. Let the Japanese forgive us, but chocolate sushi turned out to be really tasty and extraordinary, especially when your receptors got used to a different taste of this dish.

Someone may say that this is not sushi, but ricewienerin chocolate, but friends, we position this dish as “sushi”, so we don’t listen to people with vigorous imagination :) Let's start same!


- 5 kg. unsweetened grated coconut

- 1/2 cup of thick cream

- 1/4 cup corn syrup

How to make chocolate sushi:

Enjoy your meal!

Many also love the California Rolls, which you can do with your own hands at home. The recipes of these dishes, as a rule, are not complicated and do not take much time in cooking, but they will pleasantly surprise your loved ones or friends.

>img src="" alt="Do-it-yourself chocolate sushi {Video}" title="Do-it-yourself chocolate sushi {Video } ">

Chocolate sushi with your own hands {Video}

Chocolate sushi with your own hands {Video}

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