Gzhel do-it-yourself kitchen

Having mastered the technique, you can beautifully decorate the kitchen, maintaining all the accessories and trivia in the same style. The kitchen kit may consist of: a curtain on the glass of a kitchen door with a bouquet of blue flowers; curtains but a window (breezes) with dancing cockerels-ruffsters; a pair of white ponno - "plates" with blue proud cockerels on the wall; apron and headscarf with blue floral ornament; tablecloths with flower arrangements in the corners; a large napkin but a table with turukhtan or flowers; warmers on the kettle; covers or pillows on stools; pictures in the frame covering the heating battery; a decorative towel; lamp shade.

You will find a lot of workshops on felting, embroidery and knitting on the site101handmade.ru

For all the products listed, the manufacturing sequence is as follows: prepare a pattern on tracing paper and fabric;

Always start burning with a dark blue color, overlapping it with blue, and blue with blue; put a basic white fabric on the product but a pattern with tailor's pins,having the composition in the right place; attach all the details of the appliqué to the white cloth with rare dots; remove the white cloth with the details of the animation from tracing paper; turn the pattern and white fabric over; align the appliqué with the pattern; pin a white cloth with pins to the picture;

weld all the details of the appliqué to the white fabric with frequent dots.

Please note: white fabric (polyester) is very convenient to cut out with a hot needle - the edges of the parts melt and the fabric does not crumble when sewing. It all depends on your imagination and your preferences. Good luck!

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