DIY hand-made plastic spoons

We make charming bugs on a leaf of disposable spoons. Interesting summer crafts for kindergarten are not only one of the ways to take children in their spare time, but also the opportunity to beautifully decorate a children's corner, a room, a thematic exhibition or a stand.

Original crafts can be made of plastic spoons: hands children easily turn them into a variety of images, you just need to submit a few ideas.

 Crafts made from plastic spoons with your own hands

Crafts from plastic spoons with your own hands

For example, as a summer craft, you can make a beautiful composition from disposable spoons with your own hands. To do this, you need:

  • three white plastic disposable spoons;
  • acrylic, oil paints or gouache (watercolor work will not work);
  • wide and very fine brush or stick;
  • greenfelt;
  • scissors;
  • green felt-tip pen;
  • polymer glue.

Getting Started.

First of all we paint the spoons: a thin part of them (holding) is covered with brown paint, and a wide (slurp) with bright colors of different colors (one color for one spoon).

Paint spoons in brown

Paint spoons in brown

 Paint the top of the spoon in the color of future bugs

Paint the top of the spoon in the color of future bugs

Spoons painted with spray paint for wood, plastic or metal look very nice. However, it is still too early for the kids to work with such paint, so you can paint the spoons in advance and do the rest of the work with the child.

When the paint dries, we apply drops of paint of a contrasting color on a wide part of the spoons. Use a thin brush or wand for this.

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