DIY Handicrafts from Acorns

Crafts from acorns with their own hands a great opportunity to show their imagination. It turns out that you can make a lot of interesting things out of acorns.

Acorns themselves evoke interest and the desire to create an unusual image.

Crafts from acorns for children



" Crafts from acorns with your own hands are a great opportunity to show your imagination "!

Children's crafts from acorns with their own hands

Crafts from acorns for children should be performed using the simplest technology. If you color the cap in red and put white dots on it, you will get a bright mushroom.

 Amanita from an acorn

Amanita from an acorn

With the help of plasticine you can turn an acorn into an unusual bird. To do this, you need to fashion a beak, eyes and wings. And if you want from several birds, you can create a real composition, adding it with a branch of a tree,nest or flower.

 Birds from acorns

Birds from acorns

And here are charming birds from an acorn and pieces of felt.

 Birds from acorn and felt

Birds from acorn and felt

From acorns and chestnuts you can do not only birds, but the whole nest:

Crafts From acorns to children to school can be made in a more complicated way, using additional materials. Schoolchildren have much more patience and skill than younger children, which is reflected in their work.

 Snake from acorns

Snake from acorns

Children's crafts from the acorns of the sheep. The legs and neck of the rams are made of matches. Fluffy back is laid out of cotton wool.

 Lamb of acorns

Lamb of acorns

Children's crafts from acorns are giraffes. They are similar in making to sheep, but instead of a match, a long stick serves as a neck. Spots on the body are created using plasticine.

Acorn Giraffe

Giraffe from acorns



























Decoration for interior from acorns

From acorns, you can make an interesting autumn suspension.

 Autumn suspension of acorns

Autumn suspension of acorns

Acorns can decorate the frame for photos.

 Picture Frame of Acorns

A frame for photo of acorns

A vase from acorns

Acorns can be glued on an iron bucket.

Bucket , gun and acorns

Bucket,pistol and acorns

A very original vase will come out.

 Acorn Vase

Acorn Vase

For the manufacture of vases of acorns, you can use acorns, clay and a large glass jar. Look at the video for an example of such a craft:

A very beautiful autumn tree of happiness or a topiary turns out from acorns.

 The tree of happiness from acorns

Tree happiness from acorns

Look at the video how to make a very beautiful autumn topiary from acorns and cones:

New Years crafts made of acorns

From acorns, very beautiful New Year crafts are obtained.

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