Do I need to work 2 weeks?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
December 26, 2012
Do I need to work 2 weeks?

You always want to rejoice for a person when he finds a better and more paid job. But, when moving from one place to another, very unpleasant surprises happen. This article will help you avoid them.

Imagine the situation that a new employer asks you to give the date of your employment. You want to quickly start working in a new position. And, the director is not going to wait for you for a long time, because he, in this place, has a queue of those who want it. And, at the old job they tell you - working off for two weeks. Is it legal? Do I need to work 2 weeks in the same place of work?

According to the Labor Code, when an employee is dismissed, an employer can delay him for 2 weeks after he has written an application for dismissal. Notice - may delay. Or maybe not to delay. Everything is decided by the employer. It often happens that workers are released after 2-3 days, after the calculation is made, and all the money is paid.

From the point of view of the employee

The employee is interested to resign as soon as possible. Therefore, he needs to quickly write a statement in which to indicate the reason for the dismissal "by agreement of the parties." With this, you can start negotiating with your management about how long you will leave. Be sure to register the application with the secretary, let him assign the incoming number, and set the date. If you have a small business and there is no secretary, then contact the person who is involved in the documentation. You can speed up the withdrawal terms by “cleaning up” all your debts - financial, documentation. And, if you still, and pick up a candidate for your position, and introduce the new specialist to the head, it will be just great. In this case, your entire dismissal may take a record short time. And, then you don't have to think about whether you need to work two weeks.

From the point of view of the director

You must clearly understand whether you want to keep this employee or not. If you do not need him, then give him a detour sheet. Let him sign it in all services, and go with God! And if he is a valuable employee, then first, you can talk to him and find out the reason for leaving.If you can not give him the same thing that attracts him to a new place, you must find an employee in his place. I must tell the employee whether to work out. When dismissing, you can call the period of mining from 1 to 14 days. Moreover, if he takes unused vacation for this time, you must provide it. In this case, the one who leaves will not train the new applicant. The same scheme, and, with the sick-list. The two-week period of this is not extended. Try to agree with the employee, explain to him the complexity of the situation.

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