Decoupage wall clock

Decoupage wall clock

Materials: Pronty clock blank • Stamperia materials: Primer primer • Allegro acrylic paint (6 white) • Glue for decoupage by Colla Velo • Rice paper • Two-step craquelure composition KEOZM • Purpurin DP04B • Varnish in KES05 aerosol •
Decorating the cover for the passport

We decorate the passport cover

Materials: - passport cover; - acrylic paints and varnish; - decoupage card; - artistic brushes and sponges; - alcohol-containing composition; - masking tape; - shellac varnish (you can take the first step of a two-component craquelure); - accompanying:


Folk wisdom says that everything new is a well-forgotten old. Modern fashion is back to the old methods and techniques of production. Today is becoming more relevant vintage. The effect of "aging" is inherent in the interior, decoration
Decor of the Christmas Tree
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Christmas Tree Decor

In this master class we will decorate the ball with the help of decoupage technique and craquelure (aging effect). So, we need the most ordinary ball, you can old, which lay in your Christmas toys.

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