Do not repeat: how make-up turned Mila Kunis into an old woman

It turns out that fashionable makeup in red shades is not for everyone.

Make-up trends are very strange, and not all of them should be tried on yourself. Bright shades of shadows are in fashion this summer: from yellow, blue, violet to red. Mila Kunis decided to make a beauty experiment. The other day the paparazzi caught the actress walking in New York. She looked luxurious: in a blue shirt, red trousers that made her legs infinitely long, and the same red shadows on her eyes.

Photo: Legion-Media
Photo: Legion-Media

Mila has a very bright appearance, so the abundance of makeup played a cruel joke with her - the star began to look 10 years older than her years. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the red hues in the make-up do not suit her at all, or she should not have used so many rouge and bronzing agents, which Kunis did not shade very well in the forehead area.

Most of all, Mile has dark shades in make-up, then she looks more impressive and stylish.Probably, celebrities no longer need to experiment with bright hues or look at more calm ones, for example, green - they are well combined with the color of the eyes of the actress.

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