Does the child need a kindergarten?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
March 25, 2015
Does the child need a kindergarten?

The story that R. Kipling told at the beginning of the 20th century about the boy Mowgli has a real basis and shows what can happen to a child if he does not contact people.

True, even now there are families where children are left to themselves and develop without the participation of parents. As a result of such upbringing, we can observe behavior deviating from social norms, undeveloped or not fully developed any social functions and skills, for example, speech, thinking, the ability to easily interact with people. But let's leave the horror stories aside and try to determine whether a child needs a kindergarten, and if so, for what, and what it can give to your child.

Why should a child go to kindergarten?

The main function performed by the kindergarten in the development and upbringing of the child is the function of socialization, which involves the assimilation of the “rules of the game” by which society lives and develops.Interacting with peers and caregivers, the child learns elementary skills: asking, giving thanks, using, expressing emotions and feelings that are already somewhat more complicated than just responses to physical stimuli. Therefore, not all children are equally successful in “entering society”, but this does not at all mean that your child is underdeveloped or sick. It only says that everything takes time. The main thing is that this happens at the right time for the child.

It is also important for the development of the main mental processes, which also have a social basis, speech and thinking. Therefore, the development of precisely these parameters is most often diagnosed for entering a school. And unformed mental processes will impede further movement of the child in school and professional terms.

In the kindergarten, the child develops social roles in the game. The first important activity that a child performs is a game where he manifests himself in a certain way, tries on different roles. Whether it is a game in a hospital or a game at a table with a tutor or peer, she teaches a child to follow the rules, look at the situation from the outside, even predict something a step or two ahead in a minimum.As a result, it helps the child's self-determination, teaches to understand himself and others. This lays the foundation for his further schooling, personal and professional development.

We have brought you several arguments in favor of the children's garden. Yet the child should be given to the kindergarten to prepare for later life. There is only one obvious minus - you have to pay for the kindergarten, but still the child’s development is more important.

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