Door Replacement: The Kettle Experience

Agents of specialized firms offer to install doors to potential buyers on the street, in the store, even at the entrance of a house. But I hired a two-bedroom repair team, and the craftsmen promised to replace the doors if I prepared the appropriate material. I needed to buy 4 doors. I did this by “trial and error”, in which I came to the conclusion, as it should have been done, spending a minimum of physical strength and money. First measure the width and height of the old doors. At the interior and doors leading to the kitchen, bathroom and bath, it will be different. In addition, it is necessary to measure the openings, that is, the height and width of the doorways from concrete to concrete. Usually, room doors have dimensions of 800 x 2000 mm. The kitchen door will be smaller: 700 x 2000 mm, the bath and bathroom doors will be even smaller: 550 or 600 mm, the height may be only 1900 mm. Summing up what you need, see the offers of the Internet. Now you can go shopping. But the main landmark is to keep on the largest supermarket in the city. But you will only see the door leaf at the time, how to evaluate the design better in full (assembled) form.Specialized stores are serviced by sales assistants, they explain a lot. Exhibited door samples have the most diverse, inviting, and even exclusive design. But you persistently keep in your mind the interior of your house, and select the door accordingly for it, so that it eventually does not turn out to be a “golden button on a modest sweatshirt.” A door from low-quality raw materials may twist in a year or two. Doors of oak, walnut, pine and other wood massifs are of high quality, but expensive. Products from the glued massif will be cheaper, but the tones of the individual glued sections may not coincide in tone. Plates made of wood waste (MDF) are most popular as material for doors, since they are quite effective and proportionate in price. Such doors are well tolerated by moisture and temperature changes, they can be safely put in bathrooms and toilet rooms. Chipboard (chipboard) looks good, is inexpensive, but is afraid of moisture. Doors made of it are good in the room interior. Glazed doors are spectacular in their own right. Transparent, textured, colored glass is used. But when the doors are slammed, the glass may crack or break.Therefore, you should give preference to thick (4 mm) glass or laminated (triplex). When you are established in the choice, purchase a complete set (box), otherwise at the culmination of the door installation, you may not have any important the details. What you need? Door leaf. In our views, the door itself. Side bars. This is a closed box of 4 bars, if the doorway with a threshold, or 3, if without a threshold. Bars are fixed with spikes using waterproof glue. Platbands. Door trim masks the hassle between the door frame and the wall. They are made of the same material as the door leaf. Hinged hinges. Screw-in (screws are screwed into the door and the bar), traditional overhead (mounted), mortise (installed in special grooves), combined. Door handles. Brass handles are anti-corrosion, have a noble golden shade. Chrome and nickel-plated handles adorn the product, especially good for steel doors. Handles made of steel, silumin, aluminum, high-quality alloys, noble wood - a great choice. But do not forget that cheap handles can be aesthetic, modest and elegant at the same time. Door stopper.This is a stopper for doors, protecting the door from hitting the wall. More often used floor stopper, but if the floors are parquet, you need a wall. It is better to purchase a magnetic stop that locks the door in the open state. The main problem that afflicts the owners when replacing the doors is that the connection with the existing wallpaper is broken. Sometimes the width of the trim is not enough to close the flaws of the master, if the wallpaper was pasted before. Therefore, when repairing an apartment, first of all, the door openings are cleaned of the old box, and then they plaster the walls and do other dirty work. After this, the walls are glued. Finish by installing the platbands. This door has no aesthetic flaws. But my doors, one side out of the previously renovated living room, required re-gluing. Fortunately, the doormaids almost closed the flaws of the master. But in the hallway the flaws were so obvious that repairing two bedrooms and installing the doors had to add processing and gluing one of the walls of the room hallway.My friend in a similar situation went the tried and tested way: she herself peeled off old wallpaper, cut off all unnecessary with a sharp short knife, plastered and sealed again. Good luck with acquiring new doors and installing them, but remember that without you nothing will do.
 Replacing the doors of a teapot
 Replacing Experience Doors with Kettle
 Replacing the doors of the teapot
 Replacing Doors Experience Kettle
 Replacing the doors of a teapot

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