Dragonfly Bead

Agree that sometimes you want to embellish indoor plants. We weave a dragonfly from beads. This is done very simply and does not require special skills to work with such small glasses.
 bead dragonfly
Choose the beads in the color range that you consider appropriate. Beads are selected for the master class: monochromatic dark brown for dragonfly corpuscles, light brown beads with silver inside for wings, large brown beads.
Choose beads
Choose a large bead up to 1 cm in diameter - it will be a dragonfly head. Prepare the copper wire of the desired color, wire for flowers (usually there are such in flower shops), scissors. We start with cooking the body and head of the dragonfly. For the calf, we will need a wire of 31 cm length. We string 5 beads and retreat from the edge of about 5 cm. With the same short end, we pass four beads, passing the first one.So we tighten the dragonfly tail.
 the body and heads of the dragonfly
Cut the short edge right next to it.
 body and heads of a dragonfly
We continue to string beads more centimeters at 8. At the end we string a large bead, which we prepared for the head of a dragonfly. After the big bead, we string the usual bead and go back to the wire through the big bead. Tighten closely so that the beads on the body do not hang out. Now now we place beads on the free edge again - 4 cm.
 body and heads of a dragonfly

Holding fingers tightly so that the beads do not crawl away, we wrap a ready-made little body with the dialed chain and fix it when the chain is finished with wire, wrapped several times between the beads. Crop the wire so that it is not noticeable.
 body and heads of dragonfly
Prepare wings for our dragonfly. It is necessary to stitch a chain of 75 cm long beads. Alternate the chaotically ordinary beads that you have prepared for the wings with large beads.Just do not overdo it so that the wings are held, and not drooped. Now we create large wings symmetrically, making loops of 6, 5 cm in length from the dialed chain. After making a loop, scroll the wire several times and symmetrically do the same.
 wings of a dragonfly
We repeat the same movement, only for the inside of large wings. Making the wings, leave the end about 2 cm long.
 wings of a dragonfly
Repeat the same with the rest of the recruited chain for the bottom small wings. They should be approximately less by 2 cm in length. We join the left ends of the large and small wings, twisting the wire. All parts of the dragonfly are almost ready. It is necessary to gather the body into a single whole. String the beads on a wire to make a chain 31 cm long. We wind the free end of the wire around the dragonfly head so that it is not noticeable. We wrap the dragonfly's body closely together 4 times.
 bead dragonfly
We put the wings, the end of which we will fix with wire without beads to hold tight.We continue to wind the body of the dragonfly closely until the beads on the wire run out. Similarly, several times we wind the wire at the end between the two beads and cut it so that the end of the wire is not noticeable. The final touch: fold the tail slightly.
 bead dragonfly
A thick wire is suitable for a leg, which is usually inserted into the stalks of cut flowers. It is necessary to bend the end of the wire by 1.5-2 cm. Insert the bent end, starting from the middle of the dragonfly calf towards the tail. You can fix the wire between the rows of beads or drop with super liquid glue.
 bead dragonfly
Dragonfly is ready to decorate our indoor plants!
bead dragonfly

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