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How to make a huge LED light
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How to make a huge LED

Have you ever held in your hands a huge LED, the size of a human fist? Of course not, because they do not exist. I will show how to make such an original thing with my own hands. This LED LED will look exactly like its smaller
How to make a flying ball

How to make a flying ball

Flying balloon is well suited to any festive event. Usually, purchased flying balloons are filled with light volatile gas such as helium. At home, to get such gas without special equipment is almost impossible. But helium is not
Mink from the banknote

Gilt from a bill

We are all accustomed to, that in the form of pigs depict piggy banks, which put money carefully. If you want to save a certain amount for the purchase of the thing you need, then a piggy bank will definitely help. But you have to wait. In the same lesson,
Toothy Dessert

Toothy Dessert

Your guests will simply tear to shreds from surprise, if you give them this truly awful, wonderful dessert. This dish will be remembered for a long time. Usually they do this for Halloween, but no one bothers to diversify boring everyday life and a little
Hanger in the style of STAR WARS

STAR WARS Style Hanger

Today I would like to tell you about an unusual and beautiful hanger that will appeal to all fans of Star Wars and not only. It is done in the technique of string art. This art form is becoming increasingly popular and crafts made in such a
Column in a book with your own hands

Do-it-yourself book column

Sitting one evening with a book in hand and came a crazy idea. Column speakers already pall. So I decided to collect an unusual column, not like everyone else. It can be taken on nature or used in the garage at the cottage. In the barn found an old
Steel hard case for phone

Hard steel case for phone

Covers are different. Plastic and metal, cloth and leather, light and heavy, all of them are designed to protect the gadget from dust, moisture and scratches. But it is not necessary to buy this useful product in the store! Much nicer to wear the phone
Headphones from the sleeve with their own hands

Do-it-yourself headphone cases

Surely every house has a box with any outdated or broken headset from a variety of gadgets. Among this rubbish there will certainly be old or non-working vacuum headphones, which can be given a second life and completely different
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Fruit Caviar

If you suddenly decided to surprise your relatives and friends, especially children, then this is truly a unique recipe for you. I will tell you how to make sweet, absolutely natural caviar from fruit. It will be very similar to the real one, and therefore it can be
We transfer the image to a t-shirt, mug or smartphone case

We translate the picture on a T-shirt, mug or smartphone cover

If you want to make a T-shirt that no one has for sure, then this is not a difficult master class for you. I'll tell you how to simply translate any color pattern on a fabric, mug, cover for a cell phone or on another surface. For it is not
Wireless LED

Wireless LED

I will show you a way to make the LED shine without connecting wires to it. For this you will need to assemble a simple device on a single transistor. And you can play your friends by showing them your magical abilities.
Gift for men - a bouquet of socks

A gift for men - a bouquet of socks

Socks - a gift for men, which was a tradition, a reason for jokes, but remains the same option during the holidays. When there is no time to look for something unique or just not enough imagination, women will certainly remember this
Origami pyramid is a model from a bank note with own hands

Origami pyramid - model from the bills do-it-yourself

A small pyramid is a kind of talisman that attracts silence, luck and financial well-being into the house. And if this pyramid is made of real money, then it will surely be like a magnet to attract bills. Make a little
Smoke generator on the remote control

Remote control smoke generator

This is a short workshop on how to make a relatively small, inexpensive and fun machine for generating smoke, which can be used for practical jokes, magic tricks, air flow studies and everything that comes to your mind.
Universal IR remote control from smartphone

Universal IR remote from a smartphone

The smartphone has long migrated from the category of ordinary phones that are used purely for calls. Hundreds of different applications allow you to turn your smartphone into various digital devices, thereby greatly facilitating our lives. And today, I

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