Plasterboard ceiling putty - features and secrets of doing work

For those who want to paint the ceiling there is another very important stage - it is a plasterboard ceiling putty. Work begins with a primer absolutely the entire area. Once you do this, you can not continue to work immediately! You should wait a few hours in order for the primer to dry well.

Putty is primarily needed in order to hide all minor defects, such as the seams between sheets of drywall or grooves from screws left during installation. In addition, the seams still need to glue the tape serpyankoy. It must be at least 5 centimeters wide and have a self-adhesive backing. This is done to avoid cracking in the future. Thanks to the grid this will not happen. And the ceilings of drywall, whose photos you see in this article, will always be smooth.

After sizing with a tape, a layer of putty is applied again on top, and after it dries, everything is smoothed with sandpaper.

For better adhesion of the layers between each other, all dusty places need to be treated again with a primer. And it is better to prime not only dusty places, but the entire ceiling.

Now it remains to apply the final layers. Another couple of thin layers of putty apply one after another. The second is applied only after the surface dries.

What is best for plasterboard ceilings? We advise you to purchase imported, ready-to-use putty in large buckets of 10-20 kilograms each. It is stored for a very long time, even after the packaging has been opened. It is not necessary to dilute it with water.

It is almost impossible to accurately calculate how much it will take to buy such buckets so that after doing the work there are no residues. Always remains unused putty, which is a pity to throw out. In such cases, you need to cover the bucket with plastic and close the top tightly with a lid.So she can stand for several months, keeping her former properties.

As you already understood, plasterboard ceiling putty is work not for beginners, but with knowledge of all the subtleties and stages of work, anyone can achieve a good result.

After you finish the work and all the layers dry properly, you can proceed, for example, to painting. Usually used water-based paint. It is also applied in several layers. To get a good result, buy only high-quality paint, but it can not be cheap. Remember that the miser pays twice. Expensive high-quality paint will cover a larger area and in fewer layers than a cheap one.

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