Easter souvenir from plaster "Egg on a stand"

What to give dear people for the bright holiday of Easter? Of course - a souvenir made by own hands. Handmade products are most suitable for a gift. They are filled with spiritual kindness and warmth. For Easter, a souvenir in the form of an Easter egg, which can be made from plaster, will be a suitable gift.
Easter plaster souvenir Egg on a stand

For work you will need materials:

  • 1. Building plaster.
  • 2. Egg shell.
  • 3. Form of candy.
  • 4. Screw.
  • 5. Acrylic paints in white, green, brown, black and gold.
  • 6. Napkin for decoupage with chickens.
  • 7. White glue.
  • 8. Synthetic brush.
  • 9. Sequins.
  • 10. Varnish
Easter plaster souvenir Egg on a stand

The process of making a souvenir

1. First, we release the shell from the contents. At the same time make a small hole on one side of the egg. We wash the shell and dry it.Then we mix the gypsum. At the same time, we dilute gypsum in water to a liquid consistency. After which the empty shell set in the tray from the eggs. This is done for the stability of the structure.

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