Effective ways to fight hunger!

Method number 1: drink plenty of fluids. During a diet, one of the best ways to fight hunger is to drink plenty of fluids. As a drink, you can choose water, various fruit drinks or green tea. If it is completely unbearable, then you can choose a low-fat kefir as a drink.
Method number 2: eat more protein. You should balance your diet so that there is more protein than fat and carbohydrates. Proteins are found in seafood, meat and fish, cheese and dairy products, buckwheat, oatmeal, millet, rice.
Method number 3: soups in the diet. You should include in your diet a variety of soups and broths. You should make low-calorie soups, they linger much longer in the stomach, thereby preventing you from getting hungry. A good option would be a vegetable cream soup of carrots and broccoli.
Method number 4: should be distracted. If hunger begins to approach, then it makes sense to try to escape from this: take a walk, watch a movie, read or listen to music, in one word - to occupy yourself with something interesting that will help to forget about the feeling of hunger.
Method number 5: eat.Oddly enough, one of the most effective ways to fight hunger is to satisfy it. But do not get carried away and attack the refrigerator, everything should be strictly metered and low-calorie.

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